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Thu May 13 11:28:51 EDT 1993

> In the recent NCJ survey, there was a question about what could be done
> to make contests more attractive.  And another asking how to encourage
> new contesters.
> My suggestion is to limit contests to 100 watts...

As being so far completely a 100w contester, I have the following suggestion.
One of my favorite contests (at least in principle) has been the NCJ Sprint.
The Sprint with its weird qsy rules is supposed to emphasize operating skill.
However, it is impossible to compete at the 100w level (maybe this has been
changed? I've given up operating the Sprints for the last 2 years...).

	Suppose while scanning the band, you hear station A, a somewhat rare
multiplier not in the log calling CQ. You call station A. However, at the same
time station B, running 1500w, also answers A. Now station A, wanting to 
maximize his rate, will naturally answer the loudest caller, B. After the qso
A disappears somewhere down the band; having already worked B, there is nothing
you can do except return to scanning the band. The result is that B's rate is
approximately twice yours.
	The point is that due to the Sprint qsy rule, you have to work each 
station on the first call; with only 100w you are at a tremendous disadvantage.

So what about making the Sprint a 100w contest? I guess the Internet Sprint
will be a test of a 100w Sprint...

Torsten, N4OGW

clay-rudolf at

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