More Hy-Gain rebuilding tips

Charlie Ocker Ocker at
Thu May 13 12:03:29 EDT 1993

A lot of good tips have been passed on concerning the TH6 and getting it
ready for the next season.  I'd like to add a few more to the list that
I've learned from rebuilding the DB1015, 402BA, and two TH6's.

Replacing the trap caps is a must, but don't forget the trap spacers and
the end caps for the boom and elements.

Comet works well for cleaning the aluminum.  Another product that I've
had good results with is called "Cameo Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Cleanser".  For the really tough weathered stains, a little dab of Soft
Scrub works wonders.  Consider pinning the element to boom brackets with
a stainless steel bolt, washer, and nut.  I like this better than the
Hy-Gain method, which involves a tapered bolt that indents (but does not
go through) the boom.  Another worthwhile mod is to construct a boom
truss support arm and attach it to the boom to mast clamp.  This allows
you to tension the truss on the ground instead of on the tower.

Parts and copies of manuals for Hy-Gain products can be procurred by
calling Telex Hy-Gain at 402-467-5321.  Ask for Linda.  The part number
for the trap caps are 464723.  The part number for the trap spacers are
461466.  Sorry, I don't have the part number for the end caps.

Charlie  KD5PJ

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