peer pressure

Ward Silver hwardsil at
Thu May 13 13:34:17 EDT 1993

de Ward, N0AX
Well!  The silence has been deafening since the discussion of cheater
police hit the bitstream...I take this to imply that there is no widely
perceived problem with cheaters and we are dealing with a limited number`r
of; bad apples.  Excellent!  If true, then contesting is
healthy enough to tackle the problem where it truly belongs, at the level
of the individual.

I don't know what K1DG intends to finally do, but in local discussions
we`ve come up with some interesting techniques which may work with the
individuals in question.  I'm not going to publish them because they are
only intended to curtail the cheating of a specific person of a specific
type.  I'm sure everyone out there in radio-land can do the same.

I would only exhort the players to summon enough gumption to find their
own bad apples and apply the screws in their own loveable way!

"First we have a fair trial and then we hang 'em!" - the motto of the 
Old West...hihi

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