Big Guns and low power

Jim Hollenback jholly at
Fri May 14 11:20:16 EDT 1993

If the 'Big Guns' want to turn off the amps and win new battles, guess 
there is not much to be done about that....But dropping the high power
catagory just to level the field is not leveling the field. To parapharse
Racer Brown, 'The only thing that beats aluminum in the air is more 
aluminum higher in the air'. My TA-33 at 45 foot and a HF-2V will not
beat any of the super stations...not to mention I have a hard enough time
working one radio, let alone two radios. I say let the big guns keep the
power company profits up and let those of us that want to work the 100w
catagory work the 100w catagory.  I think the thing that wins contests is
first the stations basic capability and then the operator capability, in 
that order.  If the guy with your basic tribander thinks he can beat the
super stations if they only run 100 watts probably would like to buy my
ocean front property in Arizona.

jholly at

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