"little guns"

ames at nebula.decnet.lockheed.com ames at nebula.decnet.lockheed.com
Fri May 14 11:58:35 EDT 1993

With regard to the discussion on 100 watts, here's some input from
some one who could be considered more of a "nothing" than a "little
gun", based on my past scores and station, etc.

Maybe I'm out of line here, but some of the discussion reminds me
of a discussion I had a Visallia with some un-named parties on this
reflector about the changes in the General Radiotelephone Operator
Licence from when the FCC used to have First, Second, and Third Class
licences.  Certian groups in this country said the tests were TOO HARD
and thus UNFAIR!!! So - they dumped the Third class, and combined the 
others to make it FAIR to every one.  So what's the story, who wants
100 wattts?  Until very recently, I've been limited by the FCC because
of licence class.  Now my only constraint is the INIRC Public E-Field
Safety Recomendations (that is, it's not nice to subject the neighbors
and family to excess non-ionizing radiation hazards).

My daughter, who recently failed the No-Code Tech exam, has a golf
trophy she won when we lived in Florida.  She was the only one who
showed up in her catagory, girls under 10 years.  She is happy to 
have it, but only her 7 year old brother is actually impressed with it.

What is my point?  Only this, by making things FAIR or easy, we lose
something.  Hey, it doesn't matter to me what the "big guns" do since
I am not competeing against them, I'll lose some points and multipliers
from not being able to work them but my score will still be towards the
bottom of the list.  The other "big guns" who think the whole thing is
stupid still might work me (as a unique call) and wonder if they won
because someone wanted to do something different this time.  It might
cheapen the victory, or perhaps not, but as for myself .......  

73, alan N2ALE/6

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