SS challenge

Scott Lieberman scott at f6.n143.z1.FIDONET.ORG
Fri May 14 06:14:08 EDT 1993


> N6TR Writes:
> So where do we start?  Randy, if you operate low power in 
> the CW SS, so will I.
> We should also challenge all of the top ten finishers on 
> CW from last
> year to do the same!!!   I know that if enough of us switch 
> off the amps,
> the top ten low power can be just as ego boosting as making 
> it on high power.
> I accept the challenge as long as N5RZ doesn't go high power.
> Bill Fisher, KM9P
If you guys do this, can I run 4,300 watts by using both of your unused power allotments?

                             Scott,  N1EE/6

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