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John L. Luigi Giasi jlgiasi at hcx5.UMMED.EDU
Fri May 14 19:43:57 EDT 1993

WARNING WARNING!! S/N plunging rapidly! Contest PC taking over!
WARNING WARNING!! One two and three landers run for cover!!
The opressed are revolting...!!!

Quick north easterners!! Post your sob story of lifelong desire to win SS 
but are cursed by the northeast!!

All those lucky 5,6,7,8,9,0 landers just stink!! Boy they are the worst..
But those 4-landers have it all!! Far enough from europe for sympathy, but
soo near the equator and on the blessed eastern shore...

They have all that US calling in, on the upper bands.. while we slug it out
with the 75 meter lovelies in the evening...

Damn! Every contest should have the same rules!! Hell, I don;t like the
North American QSO party!! That damn power rule..  but everything will
be different if only SS had the same rule!! Everyone will see it my way!!

Hell.. and all hams who contest are just qrm-wasting blowhards who
love big amps... heck they are run 10 times the legal limit!! yeah..
oh a friend of a friend who does a lot of <insert sub-hobby> heard from a guy
who saw a big-gun... they shot him!!  Yeah dead! Serves him right!!...
Jerk one-land pig...   

Actually I have conclusive evidence that it is damn europeans!! Living so
close to the east coast!! Who do they think they are!! Go to Japan!!
Immediately, you are upsetting Americans!!

I am gonna go trash my gear and repent to the homebrew, qrp, wet-noodle, 
behind the auroral-curtain, dead-band god; since I am the antithesis of
good?? Am I???

:-)    <-This symbol means I am kidding, note it's inclusion.
:-) :-) :-) :-)     <- This means I have been really kidding.
73 de Luigi, AA1AA
I really really hope you see this as humourous!!

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