James Brooks 0005851359 at mcimail.com
Sat May 15 04:38:00 EDT 1993

	In a country like this one, where certain (in fact
many) of your rights aren't allowed, we have to live with
stupid rules like no gum chewing and no amps.  100 watts is 
the maximum legal limit - no exceptions and no cheating.
Bear in mind this isn't just another contest category for many
of us out here. In Singapore since 1989, this rule is enforced by our 
local FCC with annual and spot inspections, monitoring stations not 
4 miles from my shack, and detailed lists of our station equipment on 
file at the "authorities".
	We have low power contest categories now, which is 
great for those of us who for reasons of money, TVI or
authoritarian governments cannot use amps.  As far as I
understand, the bottom line of the 100 watt category was to 
encourage more people to enter, thus making the contest more 
fun for everyone.  I think it did just that.
	But I can honestly say if they were to lift the ban 
tomorrow and allow a KW out here, I would be the first to fire
one up. Why not just enjoy the power you're allowed to use?  
100 watts isn't QRP, and it isn't all that fun. 

- James  9V1YC  

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