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> Randy says:
> >I also think it would help return contesting to "sport".  Right now,
> >the basic attribute to winning DX contest scores is the ability to press
> >F1 more than anyone else and get answers.  The art of moving around the
> >band, being opportunistic, actually using operating skill, are almost
> >gone.
> Maybe from the east coast, the basic attribute to winning DX contest scores
> is the ability to press F1 ......, but from out here, the so-called lost
> arts are extremely important.  Instead of limiting contest to 100 watts,
> we should simply disallow any contesting from the east coast !  That will
> quickly bring your skill levels up to par !
> >From out here, a 100 watt DX contest at the bottom of the sunspot cycle
> (i.e. the next 5 years) would be a disaster.  160 and 80 meters would
> total 25 to 50 QSO's.  40 will be nothing but JA's, Carrib, and HG1S
> CQing in our face.  Scatter openings to EU and JA on 15 will net us 0
> QSO's.  20 meters is bad enough to EU at 1800Z with 1500 watts.
> If some east coasters are having a guilt trip about contests being too easy,
> you should encourage your contest club to have all members limited to
> 100 watts.  Please don't force your east coast morality on the rest of us ! 
> Steve, N2IC/0
> (Definition: East Coast:  Everywhere south and east of the Cleveland-Dallas line)
In addition to Steve's suggestion, how about adding to the list: Let's make it 
only possible to win a contest, or a part thereof, if:

1) The call being used is from the area where the entry applies. i.e., if 
you're a W2  operating from 0 land, you can enter, but not be a winner. So, 
for example, the W2 that squeaked by W0OSK  in the '92 Phone SS from Colorado 
would not be a winner, only an entrant. 

2) An operator running under his call at another operator's station could also 
be an entrant, but not a winner. For example, K0KR who operated from the qth 
of N2IC/0 could not be a winner in the '92 Phone SS from Colorado. He really 
didn't top W0OSK after all. ;)

These all seem fair to me in combination with the restriction on the east 
coast guys proposed by N2IC. It only seems fair to me that if you want to be 
able to win a contest from an area, you should have a call applicable to that 
location....not some east coast call in Colorado, eh?

And, if you want to win a contest, seems to me you should be willing to do 
that from your own station, not some other persons.... especially if it is a 2 
call in Colorado ;)

Sounds fair to me. Did W0OSK  really win the '92 SS phone competition in 
Colorado now??? 

Whatcha think, N2IC?

Ron - W0OSK

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