David J Blowman 61954 at
Sat May 15 20:44:06 EDT 1993

I can't seem to figure out how to transfer files between mainframe and
PC linked via modem.  I know how to receive files, as in download from
Pavillion, but obviously the host has to be prepped to "send" the files first.
Is there a command to do this?  "Get" seems to move files to my home
subdirectory on the host, but that's it.  I know I can simply "capture"
what appears on the screen in a text file.  Is that the best that can be
done?   Is it dependent on communications software?  I use something
by Crosstalk that came with the modem.  Also have PCTools, which appears to
have fewer features than Crosstalk.  Any hints would be appreciated.
Tks de Bill, W3XU.

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