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As a former W5, I can certainly relate to Jim's logic.

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Hi Randy.  I would support 100W in certain selected contests such as
the NAQP (already 150W) but in general the 100W limit in Sprints and
certainly the DX contests would make them less enjoyable for me.  It is
very difficult to work Europe from W5 on 80 and 160 even with 1.5KW,
and it would be impossible for most of the Midwest and West at 100W. 
That would give the East Coast even more of an advantage and frankly
make me want to stop contesting altogether.  The solution is already in
place and that is for people who want to compete at 100W to do so under
the 100W class rules that exist in the major contests.  I don't want
someone to impose the low power rules on me as it would ruin the fun of
being able to make rapid contacts in the contests.  I can think of
nothing as boring and frustrating as being unable to contact stations
that I can hear-and that is exactly what will happen with the 100W
rule.  The sprints are a North America contest so the stations are
closer, however even in that, we get very weak W1-W2-W3 and VE-KL7s
here on 80.  They will disappear and diminish the fun if the Sprint is
a 100W contest.  Again, I recommend that the sponsors be required to
incluse a 100W class (and even a QRP class possibly) so that people who
want to compete in that class may do so.  In some years, the top tier
operators can challange one another and make tha 100W class a very
competitive event, but let the "market" decide that-don't impose your
preference on me as it doesn't work in my opinion for the geographical
situation here.

73 and regards
 Jim  N3BB

PS you can relay this to the reflector if you want.

Date: 5/12/93 10:42 PM
To: Jim George
From: Randy A Thompson
In the recent NCJ survey, there was a question about what could be done
to make contests more attractive.  And another asking how to encourage
new contesters.
My suggestion is to limit contests to 100 watts.  While not exactly
balancing the scales, it certainly would be an equalizer (hey, W1 and
big antennas will still win the DX contests).  But at least more people
could feel like they could play.
I also think it would help return contesting to "sport".  Right now,
the basic attribute to winning DX contest scores is the ability to
F1 more than anyone else and get answers.  The art of moving around the
band, being opportunistic, actually using operating skill, are almost

Having done several 100 watt efforts in the past year, it was actually
fun again!  I could still get answers to CQ's (if I could find the
spot) but success was really a function of taking advantage of 

Now you will argue that 100 watts will be impossible to enforce and
will undoubtably cheat.  What can I say?  You're right, they will.
But in a perfect world, the goal of a contest should be to provide a
"fair" test of comparable skills.  I think limiting the participants to

100 watts evens the playing field so that more people can play -- and

What do you think?

Randy, K5ZD

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