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Thu May 20 13:52:26 EDT 1993

Some weeks have passed since KM9P posted the need for updated MASTER
data files for CT. 
WR3G has been putting MASTER.DTAs together for about a year now.  He
has a new one that was made after ARRL CW DX contest that is very
good.  The callsign filter was set so that a call must appear at least
4 times in 4 different logs for it to be entered into the database. 
The DX only database has over 20,000 calls in it.
You can get the MASTER file on the CT-BBS or you can get it from WR3G.
If you want the latest MASTER data file, please send your 1992/1993 CT
.BIN files on a disk (any size) and $1.00 (US funds) to
WR3G  Scott Jones
93 White Avenue
Sharon, PA 16146

Scott would like to have .BINs with lots of JA calls to help build a
better JA database.
The .DTA file is almost 1 meg, so send either a 1.2 meg or 1.44 meg
Remember the MASTER.DTA does not require extended or expanded memory
and is pretty fast.
It is important to note that as is in the CT manual, the database is
an operating TOOL and you MUST still copy the calls.
As KR2J pointed out, running with MASTER.DTA can be lots of fun, but
make SURE that you hear what you THINK you hear!

CU in WPX CW from WR3G multi single
Tim K3LR

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