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Thu May 20 15:43:38 EDT 1993

I concur with the opinions that suggest more recognition for 
the record efforts, especially for the little guys.


I believe that the key issue is the need for equalizing the 
field through some sort of handicap system.  Take golf, for 
example, I play against people many times more experienced, 
talented, and better equipped than me...and I can win!

I realize that this has been suggested a thousand times 
before, but I think that we have the data and the technology 
to really put something together.    

My personal experience:

I kinda lost the flame when most of my local buddies moved 
away over the past couple years (TDXS). Because they were 
local, we learned from experience that we were of similar 
skill levels.  We also knew what hardware was being 
used.  Little by little, competition heated up between us 
and activity was high.  Things were good because we were 
able to work against each other even though we didn't have a 
prayer of a top ten.  .  

If there were a way to have a similar assessment of people 
around the country, or the world, that would be great.  I 
believe that a handicap system would allow all operators to 
compete in a very fair way.

I suggest that the system take into account 3 things:
(Each having appropriate weighting)

1.	Station Geography
2.	Operator activity and results over 3 years
3.	Simple ERP Rating based on Ant.and Power

In my mind there are several sub-components which would be 
addressed in each of the three areas above. For example, 
decaying averages over time would be used with weighting to 
compute number 2.  The data would be collected from 
published, verifiable data where available.  Other info 
would be Operator supplied, and certified with signatures of 
two other operators (to ensure proper understanding of the 
rules ofcourse).  Profiles would be maintained on an ongoing 
basis to account for station changes, etc.

Golf analogy?
My thinking is that the above could be used like the Sony 
rankings in Golf.  The handicap system could be created by a 
committee (PGA) and possibly maintained by any of a number 
of groups (Golf Clubs around the world and the USGA).  

I would be willing to put time into creating such a system 
if sponsorship was broad enough and others wanted to get 
serious on this topic.  I am confident that a handicap 
system would increase participation from the otherwise 
casual operators in the Ham world, because they could 
compete on more even ground.    

Does the future of contesting have room for a minor league, 
a major league, batting averages, league pennants, and a 
world series?

de nz5i 

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