SS CW from K6XT

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Mon Nov 8 13:28:33 EST 1993

Art, K6XT and I did a multi-single from his place this past weekend.  Ended
up with 1220+ Qs, a clean sweep, and 188K!  Quite a change for me going
from my barefoot transceiver (or sometimes QRP) and a tri-bander at 35
feet, to an IC-781 plus Alpha into monobanders at almost 200 feet!  Surely
was easy to hold onto a frequency.

The amazing part to me is that *every* section called us at one time or
another, including VY1JA at about 1800Z on Sunday morning for #77.  In
fact, I had worked 76 sections by about 0700Z on Sat. evening.  I guess I
understand a little better about what you big guns feel like, including the
boredom on Sunday of calling CQ repeatedly and getting one answer in 10 or
more calls.  They do come out of the woodwork, tho.

Condx were definitely down from the past couple of years, especially with
10 meters dead.  But the QRM level was pretty intense most of the time on
15 and 20.

73rds--Jim, K6ZH, CK 63, SDG

>From Bob Souza <bob at>  Mon Nov  1 17:40:20 1993
From: Bob Souza <bob at> (Bob Souza)
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 93 12:40:20 -0500
Subject: ped and logitech soundman
Message-ID: <9311011740.AA02720 at>

Has anyone had any luck getting ped to work with a logitech soundman?
I have the soundman set up to be soundblaster compatible, and it works
with everything else, but ped hangs when it starts. It doesn't hang
if the card isn't there, or if I change the card's interrups or address.
It those cases it just uses the internal speaker.


bob we1f

>From Bill Kelsey <kelsey at>  Mon Nov  8 21:35:53 1993
From: Bill Kelsey <kelsey at> (Bill Kelsey)
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1993 14:35:53 -0700 (MST)
Subject: PJ1B
Message-ID: <Pine.3.05.9311081451.D23669-9100000 at>

On Mon, 8 Nov 1993, Larry Tyree wrote:

> That technique of asking a station to move using a different call is 
> pure bullshit!!  The log easily should be multi-multi.  This is my
> personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of the CQ contest
> group (not yet anyhow).
> Tree N6TR
> (member of CQ contest committe)

I agree - second only to using the telephone to drum up multipliers....
73 - Bill - N8ET

>From Bob Carpenter <carpente at>  Wed Nov  3 17:06:34 1993
From: Bob Carpenter <carpente at> (Bob Carpenter)
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 93 17:06:34 GMT
Subject: CQWWSSB93
Message-ID: <3330.9311031706 at>

 Provisional Scores for CQWW for G0KPW are as follows:

 10m   900qsos   153dxcc 28zones
 15m  2750qsos   173     40
 20m  2750qsos   160     39
 40m  1200       149     39
 80m  1200       102     22
160m   600        62     12

Total 9900       799    180        20.2M pts.

Weren't we lucky with condx, not as good as last year but a lot better than the previous week.

We will strive to do better next year, there are several improvements already  
in hand..hi!

Regards Bob G4BAH.

>From bhorn at (Bruce Horn)  Tue Nov  2 03:32:21 1993
From: bhorn at (Bruce Horn) (Bruce Horn)
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 93 19:32:21 -0800
Subject: CQWW Score
Message-ID: <9311020332.AA17550 at>

Competed in single op, unassisted, all band, low power category.
As you see antenna effectiveness drops off noticeably below 14 MHz.
Spent the entire contest S&P, except for the last hour when I ran
JAs on 10 meters.

Would like to see score summaries of stations who operated QRP.

160        0        0      0.00      0        0
 80       17       36      2.12      7        6
 40       49      125      2.55     12       22
 20      185      512      2.77     29       64
 15      303      863      2.85     29       80
 10      165      465      2.82     17       38
         719     2001      2.78     94      210  =>  608,304

10 meters was definitely not up to last year when I worked
twice as many countries using only an R-7 vertical.

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM

>From long at (Steve Long)  Mon Nov  8 21:45:24 1993
From: long at (Steve Long) (Steve Long)
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 93 13:45:24 PST
Subject: N6VR SS Results
Message-ID: <9311082145.AA03783 at>

N6VR Multi; Prec = B; SB section
Ops:  Steve, AC6T; Ray, N6VR; Steve, N8SR

      1321 x 77 = 203k

>From jlgiasi at umassmed.UMMED.EDU (John L. Luigi Giasi)  Mon Nov  8 22:35:41 1993
From: jlgiasi at umassmed.UMMED.EDU (John L. Luigi Giasi) (John L. Luigi Giasi)
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 93 17:35:41 EST
Subject: Multi-single and other call use (Was: PJ1B)
Message-ID: <9311082235.AA17177 at umassmed.UMMED.EDU>

These ethics and envelope-edge of the rules issues seems to send
list traffic through the roof (and tack 2+ hours to contest club meetings!)
Maybe NCJ needs a pro/con column on just these type of issues...
(no slam at anyone, especially our dear list maintainer.. hi Trey!)
Then again, most of the editorials get to these things... at least
one side of them....

I think the problem comes with the territory... self policing and
self reporting entwined with competition is always open to
interpretation, even when all players feel they are well within the
bounds of ethical behavior.. never mind the few (and I feel there
are very few), who may actually be thinking "screw the rules"....
if you make the portable op (or any station participant op) invalid for
the entire contest..  who are the real losers? I would think those who
are out to have fun will lose out...

Ops at the major M/S would care less, they could come up with a workaround.
The struggling M/S on the other hand, (are there any of these in the carribean?
There sure are in the states.) Will have a harder time attracting some ops...

Say I promise K1VR I will stop by on  sunday morning to take some slack in
the schedule... could I accidently DQ both myself and VR becuase I made
some Q's from home on Friday?

How can we prove that PJ4/XXXX was opping from PJ1B equipment,
maybe he 'went out to the car' and worked the DX from his mobile..
(or something like that)... How can I prove, I was legit? Should we
log who is in the shack during qsos as well? 

I agree that in the example presented PJ1B is double-dipping, but 
I believe hardcoding rules to prevent such 'violations'  will up the ante.

Using a PJ1 operation as an example of a super-serious group with 
a lot of resources, more than most. Suppose the group works out
setting up a second station PJ1ZZZ a few miles away, who wanders the
bands and asks mults to QSY to the PJ1B running frequency (heck they
might as well be linked into PJ1B's ct-network via 2m)..

Is this any different than a packet cluster? How separate is separate?
We could say "if they are friends?" ..boy that would be weak!.. and
besides, I tend to think that most everbody I work as friends.. (hey
they worked me!.. gotta count for somthing!) ... especially those
who are in the log 20 or so times a year (quite a few 'enemy' contesters).

How will it effect the guys who rag-chew with DX buddies or work big mults
under their call on a second (third, whatever) radio while the run station
is going guns? What happens if they check the M/S log after a ragchew with DX 
buddy and say "don't forget to work (M/S call) on 20m".

Could I DQ an 'enemy' station opping from the same island by running up and
down the band  and asking everbody to QSY and work the 'enemy', hoping somebody

What if PJ1B(mult) calls them, having the DX say "You're a dupe" and then
PJ1B asks for the QSY? If this is OK, do we want everybody doing it?

On a case by case basis, yeah.. but do we have the time/energy for
that level of checking/confirmation? I wish we did, but I think it
is too much to ask of the WW committee, or the league, or most
contest sponsors...

Thinking too hard on a Monday..  
John L. Luigi Giasi, AA1AA                         jlgiasi at
System Programmer                                        
Scientific Computing, IRD
University of Massachusetts Medical Center                             ..._._

>From William Ralston" <William_Ralston at  Mon Nov  8 18:47:04 1993
From: William Ralston" <William_Ralston at (William Ralston)
Date: 8 Nov 1993 18:47:04 U
Subject: AI6E/1 Late CQWW Results
Message-ID: <9311082352.AA26680 at>

AI6E/1 Late CQWW Results

Better late than never, I guess...

Country:  United States
Category: Single Operator
 Low Power


     Totals    779     2127     2.73     99     293  =>  833,784

Kind of disappointing after lots of antenna work to get everything up to 50
feet - I didn't even equal my last year's score.

I still have QSO's showing up in the CT .BAD file, even though I fixed the
.CTY file with the latest changes.  Nothing is showing up in the .ZON file,
and the score seems to be computed correctly.  The entries are all VE2's and
a few W/K's, which for some reason it thinks should be in different zones. 
Any suggestions?

It was interesting as an unassisted search-and-pouncer how you can tell which
DX stations had been "spotted", and which hadn't.  One African station had a
huge pile up, and another was CQing about 10 kHz away with nobody answering!

Bill AI6E/1
wtr at

>From William Ralston" <William_Ralston at  Mon Nov  8 18:57:08 1993
From: William Ralston" <William_Ralston at (William Ralston)
Date: 8 Nov 1993 18:57:08 U
Subject: AI6E SS CW Results
Message-ID: <9311090000.AA27144 at>

AI6E SS CW Results

Single op, "A", full 24 hours

782 x 74 = 115,736

I missed VE2,VE8,KL7.  I was going to blame it on propagation - signals from
the north sounded watery like there was aurora.  I must have tuned right over
VY1JA on 40m at the end and not hear him.  I couldn't bring myself to give up
my blistering 35/hour rate runs at the end of the contest to go mult hunting
on 15m. :-) ....... ah, make that a :-(

This is the last time with only 1 radio.

Maybe I should give up and just buy an assortment of colored coffee mugs.

Bill AI6E
wtr at

>From Jim Stevens" <ki4hn at vnet.IBM.COM  Mon Nov  8 18:31:12 1993
From: Jim Stevens" <ki4hn at vnet.IBM.COM (Jim Stevens)
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 93 13:31:12 EST
Subject: CW SS Results

Band     QSOs
 80      117
 40      116
 20       62
 15       52
 10        0
         347  X  69 Sections = 47,886

Details: Low power, 18+ hours, No WY,ND,SD,PAC,AK,MAR,SK, TS440S,
         Cush AP-8 vert, 40M Vee, 80M Vee, CT

Comments: My first halfway serious CW SS.  I had a lot of fun, but I still
          got a lot of CW improving to do.  Also first time to use CT to
          key rig (I built the LPT circuit in CT manual).  I'll never do
          another CW test w/o computer keying.  What a joy!  Thanks to
          all who worked me.

73 and see you in Phone SS,

Jim Stevens, KI4HN

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