Alpha 87A interface

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Tue Nov 9 11:51:14 EST 1993

Does anyone out there know of any publicly available (free or otherwise)
software for talking to an Alpha 87A amp?  FTP-able would be ideal ...

   -- Pat
      00pmbarkey at

>From alan at (Alan Brubaker)  Tue Nov  9 17:30:00 1993
From: alan at (Alan Brubaker) (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 93 10:30:00 -0700
Subject: More checks worked in ss
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That was N3CZB with a check of 21. I asked him for a confirmation. Gave me a
very low number on Sunday morning. A weak signal on 20 meters as I recall, but
he was readable. I was told that there was someone giving out a check of 19.
Could have been a club station.

Alan, K6XO

alan at

"Life's too short for QRP."  -  N6TU

>From georgen at (George Noyes x5698)  Tue Nov  9 17:34:04 1993
From: georgen at (George Noyes x5698) (George Noyes x5698)
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 93 10:34:04 MST
Subject: SS Score W1XE (/0)
Message-ID: <9311091734.AA18157 at>

I again suffer from the fustration of not coming in 1st in CO  :-).

   1271 Qs    77 sections   ==>  195,734 points   

Single Op, High Power, 24 Hrs.....


    10m sucked....
    Yes CO is COLORADO......(not Connecticut - Please Connecticut
      Operators refrain from using the old arkain CONN    :-))
    VY1JA duped me (well almost - he called me a second time...)

    Worked all sections at least twice  (including VY1, VE2 and VE1)
    I agree with AH3C's conclusion - aim aluminum north and VY1s will come....

Tnx for the contacts guys

73 de George  W1XE (/0)  COLORADO!!!!!     email georgen at

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