Multi-single and other call use (Was: PJ1B)

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Tue Nov 9 12:51:48 EST 1993

Sub-title, Contest Ethics -  

John, AAA1AA suggests:
How can we prove that PJ4/XXXX was opping from PJ1B equipment,
maybe he 'went out to the car' and worked the DX from his mobile..
(or something like that)... How can I prove, I was legit? Should we
log who is in the shack during qsos as well?

Going out to one's car is not good enough, he would have to drive
down the road to get around the "same location" rule.

Dave, KA1NCN  also suggests:

So, if you call appears on the list of operators you better make damn sure it
doesn't appear in someone else's log (unless the station you are operating from
is using your call.)  The only exception to this rule is if you were able to
change countries in the middle of the contest.

Here we have the "same location" issue, but to an extreme.  I mention this
because during California QSO Party, I operated from a club station, WA6GFY, 
as a single op high power and later from my home QTH (10 miles away) as a
single op low power.  I don't think I violated any concept of contest ethics.
I would have prefered to operate either M/S or M/M at the club, but apparently
everyone else had other plans.  So, I went home.

I think the issue that upsets us has not been stated.  To illustrate what,
let me propose alternate situations.  If I had operated from WA6GFY as a
low power op, and the went home and also operated as a low poer op - well
that does not violate any rules, but I would personally consider it unethical.
Why?  Because I would be competing against myself in the same class.  What
I actually did was compete in two seperate caregories, and not very well I 
might add.  We could easily think of other examples.  If someone operates in
one class, he should not compete against himself - or - should not use his
situation to aid himself in the same competition under another call, and class.

I think this is what we concerned about, and the rules don't address it
very well because most of us would not do it.

alan, N2ALE/6

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