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Fri Nov 12 11:25:17 EST 1993

Hello all... just another CW SS war story:

This is the third year in a row I have operated QRP CW SS - all three years
at W9UP.  I originally chose the category because of my lack of 'contest code
copying' ability.  While I admit my code has lots of room for improvement, I
chose QRP CW this year just
 'cause it's fun!!!

I've been using two rigs, but this is the first time I've ever used two
computers.  It was too frustrating to find a new station on the S&P radio,
have his call on the log
ging line, then right before I'd work him, I'd get an answer to my CQ on the
run radio and have to quickly wipe the other call off the logging line!  BTW,
my old laptop really choked on Super Check Partial while S&Ping - I wish this
was an option instead of being mandatory! (can you relay this Jim?)

I was sweating bullets the whole contest, as I worked many other QRP stations
in the first half of the contest with higher scores than I... especially
working W9RE - in the same division as me, and with a bigger
 Q total.  Don't know how I managed an unofficial 3rd place.  Sunday musta
been good to me!

I has so much fun, I'll probably be QRP in SSB SS.

73!  Scott KA9FOX (@ W9UP)    ka9fox at aol.com

                     ARRL SWEEPSTAKES 1993

      Call: W9UP (KA9FOX op)          Section: Wisconsin 
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Op, QRP


      160        0        0        -
       80      141      282        -
       40      349      698        -
       20      242      484        -
       15       56      112        -
       10        0        0        -

     Totals    788     1576       76

               Score:  119,776

Power Output: 5 watts     Hours of operation: 24

Equipment Description:
   Rigs:  IC-751 @ 5 watts
          TS-930 @ 5 watts

   Ants:  Tribander for 10-20 mtrs (rarely used)
          17 meter Lazy H with tuner for 20 mtrs
          Dipole, 5/8 wave wire vert for 40 mtrs
          160 meter sloping loop with tuner for 40 & 80 meters

Building:  No refrigerator, no microwave, no bed, NO BATHROOM!!!

>From Danny Eskenazi <0005720561 at mcimail.com>  Fri Nov 12 18:24:00 1993
From: Danny Eskenazi <0005720561 at mcimail.com> (Danny Eskenazi)
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 93 13:24 EST
Subject: QRP in SS
Message-ID: <75931112182457/0005720561PK3EM at mcimail.com>

Really glad to read W9UP(FOX) letter about SS QRP! Extremely gratified to 
hear the RBGs starting to play in the REAL arena. W2GD W9RE AA2U W9UP all
doing QRP leads me to believe that they are finding a very real challange,
after years of doing it high power. Having to decide WHEN to call CQ and 
WHEN to  S&P is a decision that the Hi pwr guys really dont have to think
about...as much as you do in QRP. Hope other RBGs will pick up the gauntlet
for  other contests...and try QRP...and check out the fun factor.
p.s. NP4A (K7JA) seemingly won  SS A power with an ISOLOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He broke the HIGH POWER TOP 10 in A class with it!!!  Now thats pushing the
envelope.  I think AA2U has also jumped into the top ten in another test
running QRP and placing in the TOP TEN inthe LP class..  CLass Jumpiong into
the TOP TEN !!!!  GIve it a go! ..........nuff said about QRP, think Ill
warm up the 87A and get ready for some QRO fun! 73 ....Danny K7SS

>From Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton at engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM  Sat Nov 13 01:08:00 1993
From: Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton at engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM (Skelton, Tom)
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 93 17:08:00 PST
Subject: Copy of "Low Band DX'ing"
Message-ID: <2CE433C4 at admin.ClemsonSC.NCR.COM>

I am still trying to locate the latest copy of "Low Band DX'ing" by
John ON4UN.  It is out of print, and numerous calls to bookstores
have been fruitless.

Do any of you out there have a duplicate copy you'd be willing to
sell? Thanks...73,Tom WB4IUX
Tom.Skelton at ClemsonSC.NCR.COM

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