CT and super-check-partial

Jeff Tucker N9HZQ tucker at eedsp.gatech.edu
Wed Nov 17 15:59:45 EST 1993

One of the most frequent complaints I've heard about the function
of CT (besides its frequent disfunctions) is the
super-check-partial and how to disable it.

Most people just run with the idea of not leaving that window up
on the screen when it's too slow.  If you just hit F9 or F10, the
check-partial goes away.

I asked K1EA about this at Dayton last year.  His first response
was "buy a real computer."  However, he did grudgingly tell me
that there was a "secret" switch that turns off
super-check-partial.  Unfortunately, I've forgotten what it is.
It's the callsign of one of his buddies, apparently, although he
may have removed it by now.  The point is, though, that if he is
given enough pressure, he may document what that switch is and
agree to support it.  So, if you feel that super-check-partial
is too much of a hindrance the way it's now coded, let K1EA know.

73 de Jeff

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