sv section nickname results

Wed Nov 17 14:24:27 EST 1993

Well, I got a little bit of feedback on the SV phone nonsense.  Here
it is:

        Sac Valley              Sacramento Valley       Sugar Victor

          4 yes                      3 yes                 2 yes

          1 no                       0 no                  2 no

Nice sample size, huh.

I guess we'll try "Sac Valley" and fill with "Sacramento Valley"
upon request.

I'm sorry that I cannot answer requests to give "Yukon"or"Wyoming"
(wellllllllll, maybe my rate would go up?????????)

CU this weekend multi-op with AA6LB and KJ6TC.  2 765's, 2 laptops,
2 amps, field - day style tribander on back yard mast for rcv, xmit
on main stack.  Hah -- what an opportunity for Murphy.  We'll see
if any of this stuff survives.

Eric, NV6O

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