CA QP Score

bmichaud at vnet.IBM.COM bmichaud at vnet.IBM.COM
Tue Oct 5 10:48:47 EDT 1993

   W1IHN                          North Carolina
   Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator(not QRP!!!)

         MODE      QSO    QSO PTS  MULTS
         CW        76      228       34
         SSB        0        0        0
         Totals    76      228       34

   Comments:  First-time effort; real fun for short exposure.
              Astoundingly loud mobiles! Next year will do SSB too....
   73, Bert W1IHN

>From ku4j at (Tim  Pearson )  Tue Oct  5 18:41:43 1993
From: ku4j at (Tim  Pearson ) (Tim  Pearson )
Date: 5 Oct 93 17:41:43 GMT
Subject: CT/Kenwood DRU SSB/CW cable

I have designed a cable/interface that will allow CT to remotely
activate the Kenwood Digital Recording Unit (optional board for
TS-850/950?) from your computers LPT port.  The Kenwood TS-850 (950?)
has a 3.5mm 3 conductor jack on the rear labeled ACC3.  This jack is
connected to an internal resistor divider and A/D converter.  When an
appropiate resistor is shorted across the tip and shield of the connector
one of ten functions is activated.  The resistor value to activate PLAY-1
is 150 ohms ,PLAY-2 (270 ohms) and PLAY-3 (412 ohms). See page 51 of the
TS-850 users manual for more details.  CT has the ability to key external
voice keyers from the LPT port using a transistor switch tied across the
momentary switches of the external voice keyer.  Pressing F1 in CT activates
pin 3 on the LPT port, F2 (pin 4), F3 (pin-5) and F4 (pin-6).  I ended up
using solid state relays (LCA-111A) instead of transistors because they are
optically isolated but you can probably use 4N32 opto's or a small signal
switching xsistor.  You will need to measure the 'on-resistance' of the
device and subtract this value from the required resistance to come up with
a suitable resistor (2% resistors should be used). On the output side tied
all the emitters together to the shield of the ACC-3 plug. Connect the
calculated resistors to the collector of each transistor/opto and tie the
other end of all the resistors together and connect to the tip of the ACC-3
plug.  You may also want to wire the CW keying circuit to the LPT port (page
17 of CT version 8 manual) so that you can have a combo SSB/CW keying cable.
I was able to stuff all the components into the shell of the DB-25 connector.
73's Tim/KU4J....(205)-971-9769

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