george554 at austin.relay.ucm.org george554 at austin.relay.ucm.org
Mon Oct 4 23:06:58 EDT 1993

Single Op Asst. All Band, High Power
 CALL     QSO's  Mults   Score
WB7ADV    699    303     356k
N5RZ      499     ?      185k
WA6SDM    373     ?      126k
N0FMR     310    182      84k
KI7FX     133    112      20k

Single Op Un-Asst. All Band, High Power
W3FV      778      ?     666k
K1NG      840     362    595k wf1b
WF7B       ?       ?     527k
N2DL      617     291    437k
WX0B      665      ?     300k
N6GG      542     268    276k
K7WUW     367     106    120k
Single OP Un-Asst. All Band Low Power
OH3LIN    510     267    338k
AA5AU     582     291    243k
Single Band High Power
WA7EGA    671     148    177k  20 M
WF5E      396      ?      80k  20 M

W2UP       ?       ?     128k  40 M
WS7I      450     125     91k  40 M
Single Band Low Power
N5NMY     159      ?      21k  15 M

N5NMX     103      ?       5k  80 M
I2EOW     1217     ?     1.3M
JL1ZCG     685    319    614k
HZ1AB      950     ?      ?
AB5KD      964    375    584k
Unknown Catagory
 Call     Score
AB5MJ     340k
WA7FHB    213k
K4RRU     190k
NX7K      158k
K4IBP     145k
WA4MME    140k
KF8HR     135k
N1OAZ     132k
NL7DU      59k
AA5VN       5k
Tnx to all that sent your scores.  send me any score you have.
73's de Ron AB5KD

ron481 at austin.relay.ucm.org 

>From n7stu at thetech.com (Robert Brown)  Tue Oct  5 07:19:09 1993
From: n7stu at thetech.com (Robert Brown) (Robert Brown)
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 93 23:19:09 PDT
Message-ID: <mqoXac1w165w at thetech.com>

                       California QSO Party  1993
      Call: N6BT/6                     County: Inyo 
      Mode: MIXED                      Category: Multi-Single
      MODE      QSO    QSO PTS  MULTS
      CW       170      510        0
      SSB      899     1798        0
      Totals  1069     2308       58  =   133,864
Operator List: N6BT, WB6JPY, N7STU
Score is a bit low since we started a few hours late.  We designed and
built a prototype 10/15/20M yagi on sight in 100 degree heat.  Didn't 
finish it until about 0000Z on Saturday afternoon.  It worked too good as 

several Africans, 6W7, 7X2, ZS and other DX were calling us over the 
stateside guys.  The 40/80 rotatable dipoles worked grea  also.  
Our location was in the Mojave desert at about 4000' overlooking a large 
nearly dry salt lake bed.  We had planned to operate Multi-Multi but time
constraints and a last minute operator cancellation changed our plans.
We had a good time and hope you were all able to work Inyo County.
73, Robert N7STU/YB2ARO
Club Affiliation: NCCC
This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.
                             Signature _________________________________

n7stu at thetech.com (Robert Brown)
The Tech BBS (408) 279-7199 San Jose, CA

>From kiddi at marel.is (Kristinn)  Tue Oct  5 11:43:00 1993
From: kiddi at marel.is (Kristinn) (Kristinn)
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 93 10:43:00 GMT
Subject: CQP from TF-land
Message-ID: <9310051043.AA23443 at marel.is>

It looks like 100 Watts and a vertical don't have a chance from
here against the big guns and stateside stations in the CQP.
After 2 hours of CW and SSB calls (CQ+S&P) I only managed to
get through to W6RFF and W1FEA/6 on 20m (thanks, guys!).  The only
other band open to CA from here was 15m.

Had a good time, however, and resolved to get that linear in
the basement fixed, find me some aluminum, and do all those
things that really should be done weeks ahead of contests but
usually get put off until too late!

73 - Kris, TF3KX

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