Dual-Driven DissimilarAntennas

Ken_Silverman_at_Wiget_Lane at atlas.ccmail.PacTel.COM Ken_Silverman_at_Wiget_Lane at atlas.ccmail.PacTel.COM
Fri Oct 22 13:49:20 EDT 1993

While getting ready for the SS and CQWW, I have received a suggestion to drive 
2 antennas in different directions to increase coverage.  The only way I can do 
this is by driving 2 antennas that are different sizes or types.  For example, 
for the SS I will be using a 5 ele 20m yagi on one tower, and a 3 ele 20m yagi 
on a different tower. 

Can these two dissimilar antennas, on different towers, be dual driven such 
that one antenna faces west and the other faces north?  I have searched my 
antenna library, which includes most of the antenna "bibles", but I didn't find 
any references to combining dissimilar antennas.  Everything I found referenced 
balanced and equal antennas with specific phasing requirements.

Does anyone have suggestions for combining dissimilar antennas as I have 
described?  Do the antennas have to be mono band, or can you combine a 
tribander and a monoband yagi for similar results?  Will a simple T-connector 
and random coax lengths to the antenna suffice?  Or do I need other types of 
power splitters and balanced lines?

Your suggestions would be most appreciated.  

Best Regards and Happy Contesting,

Ken, WM2C/6

>From robert penneys <penneys at freezer.cns.udel.edu>  Sun Oct 24 11:32:42 1993
From: robert penneys <penneys at freezer.cns.udel.edu> (robert penneys)
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 93 06:32:42 EDT
Subject: CQ Int a smash again
Message-ID: <9310241032.AA08799 at freezer.cns.udel.edu>

Loved it. 79 Q's, up from 60. Bands faded a lot more than last time. Log follows

>From k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek)  Sun Oct 24 19:10:15 1993
From: k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek) (John Zapisek)
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 93 11:10:15 PDT
Subject: K2MM SprINT Results
Message-ID: <9310241810.AA29758 at argosy.MasPar.COM>

To me here is Silicon Valley, activity sounded down from last time.  It's
probably not the case, though.  The absence of several loud locals -- N6TV,
WN4KKN, N6IP, W6QHS -- probably skewed my perspective.  (At least I still
had Bruce/AA6KX bending my S-meter from the Saratoga hills.  Glad my R-7
vertical is cross-polarzed to his beam!)  I was feeling a bit disappointed
that Tree/N6TR couldn't get on for the contest -- until I switched to 40m
and heard him give QSO number two-million!  The 40m option sure came in
handy this time!

Heard Alan/K6XO start sending the name B U T T H ... but he regained his
self-control just in time and sent the real exchange.  No negative score for
you this time, Alan!  Also gratified to see the name ZAPHOD hold up.
Rob/VE4GV asked for FOUR repeats when I sent it to him as my #1.  Guess I
must have been pretty puny weak!  Thanks for the persistence, Rob!

Got a late start -- 20 min.  I had gotten Tree/N6TR's LOG software, but
hadn't practiced it.  Started setting up the station three hours ahead of
time, but didn't get CW interface built and connected until 2340Z.  Then it
took ten minutes to figure out how to tell LOG to enable the radio's CW.
Then I spent the next half-hour trying to get LOG to give my call when I hit
the space-bar.  Finally gave up and jumped in hand-loging at 0024Z.  "It
musta been something I set!"  One of these years I'm gonna operate a contest
where I'm ready to go at the start.  Really!

Also had my next-door neighbor knock on the door twice because of TVI.  Glad
it's only a two-hour contest!  Preliminary results:  69 Q's, down a bit from
last time's 81.  73, and thanks for all the fish . . . er, Q's.  --John/K2MM

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