Sun Oct 24 18:22:12 EDT 1993

That was fun, even though dinner guests arrived and I only had 40 odd minutes
to operate. Made an even 50 QSOs. How about a weekday evening next time with
a 0100 start for West Coasters getting home from work. How about an earlier
start Sunday. 73. Ken, AB6FO

>From Brian Bogh <0006125879 at>  Sun Oct 24 22:53:00 1993
From: Brian Bogh <0006125879 at> (Brian Bogh)
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 93 21:53 GMT
Subject: spINT
Message-ID: <35931024215353/0006125879NA2EM at>


[CHad a mucho good time in the sprINT!! Had 103 q,s, most on 20. now I just need to figure out how to send my log e-mail. computer smarts avoids me
[Cme.                                  Brian  N7LOX
[B                                                       /

[B                                                    /                                                                              

>From clay rudolf <rtclay at>  Sun Oct 24 23:00:10 1993
From: clay rudolf <rtclay at> (clay rudolf)
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1993 17:00:10 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Internet Sprint W9YH, (op. N4OGW "tor")
Message-ID: <Pine.3.05.9310241710.A25771-a100000 at>

Had a great time...actually spent more time that afternoon doing antenna
work than operating the contest. It was nice that people actually used 40m
this time, as 20 started to die around 1:30 Z.
	Only got one Butthead. The most popular/mutated name seemed to be 
Curly/Curley...several times both myself and the station I worked both had
the name Curl(e)y. I worked the original Curly...I wonder where the others
came from?
	Total up to 118 from 99 last time...will send log as soon as I finish
typing it into the computer. CU in the CW SS!

R. Torsten Clay, N4OGW    r-clay at or n4ogw at

>From oo7 at (Derek Wills)  Sun Oct 24 23:43:44 1993
From: oo7 at (Derek Wills) (Derek Wills)
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 93 17:43:44 CDT
Subject: Sprinternet contest
Message-ID: <9310242243.AA11287 at>

Ha - I got Butthead for someone's #1 so I know who started it...
Curl(e)y and Linda were the most popular names I got, I never
heard my own come back except once as Derk - at least I didn't
get transmuted to Nerk this time.  Derrick stayed around OK, 
though, and the original owner of that name gave me 11 Qs, the
same as Tree did, and 10 from AA6KX.

Was Ind a real name, or was that someone mixing up name/state?

I think I heard G4BUO hanging around on 40m - Trey was going to
be visiting him before next weekend.  Suspicious?

It occurred to me that if I sent "Ed" every time I worked someone,
everyone would end up sending Ed to everyone else (except the people 
I never worked - I counted 25 distinct calls this time).  It's scary
to think that you have the power to introduce a virus in this way.  Of 
course, you'd be disqualified, but this is probably the only contest
where one person has this much influence.   Not that I'd ever do a
thing like that, no siree, heh heh.

Thanks to all for the Qs - nominally 125 this time, up from 105 last
time around.  Tree sounded like the winner from the start - I got #134 
from him with 15 mins still to go.

Derek AA5BT

>From Rick, K7GM/4" <AONISWAN at ECUVM.CIS.ECU.EDU  Sun Oct 24 23:53:18 1993
From: Rick, K7GM/4" <AONISWAN at ECUVM.CIS.ECU.EDU (Rick, K7GM/4)
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 93 18:53:18 EDT
Subject: SSB Sprint High Claimed Scores

The following are the high claimed scores for the September SSB Sprint:

            N6TR         20,552 367 56
            VE7NTT       20,216 361 56
            W7WA         20,020 364 55
            K7SS         17,384 328 53
            KI3V/7       16,692 321 52
            K0GU         16,536 312 53
            K9RS/5       16,269 319 51
            NL7GP        16,014 314 51
            K6LL/7       15,450 309 50
            WB0O         14,241 303 47
            KW8N         13,207 281 47
            K7RI         13,200 275 48
            WD0T         13,024 296 44
            W1FEA/6      12,784 272 47
            K9ZO         12,195 271 45

     If you have your log on electronic media (PC or Internet) PLEASE
send it to me if you haven't already.  If you do not send it in, it
doesn't mean you have any kind of advantage or disadvantage.  All you
top 15 or 20 will get your log put on the computer.  The only question
is whether you will do the typing or I will.  Please take a minute
and put your disk in the mail.

                                        Rick, K7GM/4

>From k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek)  Mon Oct 25 05:31:39 1993
From: k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek) (John Zapisek)
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 93 21:31:39 PDT
Subject: SSB Sprint High Claimed Scores
Message-ID: <9310250431.AA01520 at argosy.MasPar.COM>

Rick:  Thanks for posting the SSB Sprint high claimed scores.

> #1 N6TR (OR), #2 VE7NTT (BC), #3 W7WA (WA), #4 K7SS (WA), #5 KI3V/7 (NV).

Sure is tough being stuck out here on the Left Coast.  It's high time those
Easterners were "equalized" out of their geographical advantage ;-)  73.

>From Randy A Thompson <K5ZD at>  Mon Oct 25 13:08:43 1993
From: Randy A Thompson <K5ZD at> (Randy A Thompson)
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 08:08:43 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Dual-Driven DissimilarAntennas
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9310250843.A18135-0100000 at>

Regarding your questions about how to feed two beams together:

The purists will say that you need some matching lines to keep the 
impedance OK when feeding both antennas together.  I won 4 SS contests by 
using "tee" connectors to tie NE and West beams together!  Sometimes the 
SWR doesn't react well, but if the antennas have good SWR to start with, 
it seems to work OK with both combined.

Since you are not stacking for gain, just feeding two antennas for 
coverage, don't worry about coax lengths.  Just do it!


>From Randy A Thompson <K5ZD at>  Mon Oct 25 13:16:02 1993
From: Randy A Thompson <K5ZD at> (Randy A Thompson)
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 08:16:02 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: CQ WW Predictions?
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9310250802.A18135-0100000 at>

With the CQ WW Phone only days away, anyone like to give their 
predictions for what will happen?

I see K1AR at K1EA leading a YCCC sweep of the top 5 spots in Single Op.

I see 10 meters being good enough for some nice country totals but not 
the mega QSO numbers of previous years.  The spoils will go to the ops 
who can keep an eye on the band while doing something else.

We are organizing a YCCC "team" entry.  Any other clubs doing the same?

A USA multi-multi will make 5BDXCC.  The low bands are going to be too 
good not to!  How close can they come to 6BDXCC??!  Maybe the PJ1 or EA9 

Good luck all around!

Randy, K5ZD

>From mraz at (Kris Mraz)  Mon Oct 25 14:05:52 1993
From: mraz at (Kris Mraz) (Kris Mraz)
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 08:05:52 CDT
Subject: sprINT comments
Message-ID: <9310251305.AA01911 at>

I had 1/2 hr of fun. Started an hour late. 20m dried up 1/2 hr early :-(
Let's do it again real soon.

Who botched "JOHN" into "WOSN"? Hope it wasn't me. I asked for a repeat :-)

73, Kris AA5UO

>From alan at (Alan Brubaker)  Mon Oct 25 14:21:34 1993
From: alan at (Alan Brubaker) (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 07:21:34 -0600
Subject: K2MM SprINT Results
Message-ID: <9310251321.AA10712 at dsd.ES.COM>

Hi John...I thought that someone might catch that. It took a lot of restraint 
not to just send BUTTHEAD and leave it .... .. The worst that could happen is
that Tree would disqualify me, but with a 30 minute late start I was not going
to "win" anyway (just what do you win if you win?). Bragging rights, I suppose.
You can sure tell that the MUF is sagging - 20 was rather flaky with most of
the W6s skipping over me again. Final score of 91 for 90 minutes of operation.
I had a QSO with Trey (he was at F6BEE's contest station). He says to be sure
and look for EA9UK next weekend. Good luck CQWW.

Alan, K6XO

alan at

"Life's too short for QRP."  --  N6TU

>From n2ic at (Steven M London +1 303 538 4763)  Mon Oct 25 15:32:03 1993
From: n2ic at (Steven M London +1 303 538 4763) (Steven M London +1 303 538 4763)
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 08:32:03 MDT
Subject: Phasing Dissimilar Antennas
Message-ID: <9310251432.AA28101 at>

My intuition tells me that your two dissimilar yagis will work as
independent antennas provided that 1) The impedance is
the same at the T-connector, so that the power is split equally, and
2) The antennas are pointed in VERY different directions, such that
the pattern of antenna 1 is down -20 to -30 dB in the direction that
antenna 2 is pointed in.  In this case, you won't have to worry about
the effect of constructive or destructive interference caused by the
different phase relationships between the yagis.  If you try pointing
both antennas in the same direction, all bets are off - you now have
to account for the phase relationships at the antenna feedpoint.

Of course, unless you use the OH2BH method, you will be putting 3 dB less
signal into each antenna than if you fed them separately.

CQWW Phone Wisdom:  Go east, young whippersnapper !

Steve, N2IC/0

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  25-Oct-1993 1238 <reisert at>  Mon Oct 25 17:34:20 1993
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  25-Oct-1993 1238 <reisert at> (Jim Reisert AD1C 25-Oct-1993 1238)
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 12:34:20 EDT
Subject: Final CQWW.CTY file for SSB contest
Message-ID: <9310251634.AA11056 at>

This is the last file I'll send out before the contest.  It has the
following differences from the version dated 18 October 1993:

25 Oct 1993:    * Added the following Antarctic stations: CE9AP(13), CE9OH(13),
                  CE9SAC(13), CE9SDJ(13), DP0GVN(38), IA/I3JPA(30) and LU4ZS(13).
                * Changed name of Germany to Fed. Rep. of Germany. (AK1J)
                * Removed TO from prefix list for France.  These stations are
                  Departements d`Outre-Mer and Territoires d'Outre-Mer, that
                  is, all overseas French territories.  If you work a TO station,
                  make sure to get the QTH! (F5JTL)
                * Added GM4CAQ to list of GM/Shetlands stations. (GM0ECO)
                * Changed default CQ zone of 4K4 from 19 to 18.  Make sure to
                  ask any 4K4 station you work what zone they are in. (N2AA)
                * Added UX to prefix list for Ukraine.  Removed UX2 prefix from
                  Kaliningrad (UA2), UX8, UX9 and UX0 prefixes from Asiatic RSFSR
                  (UA9) and UX1N prefix from Karelo-Finish Republic (UN1). (NT2X)
                * Changed VP8GAV from Antarctica to S. Georgia.

GL in the 'test!

73 - Jim AD1C

--- cut here ---
Sov Mil Order of Malta:   15:  1A:    1A;
Spratly Is.:              26:  1S:    1S,9M0S;
Monaco:                   14:  3A:    3A;
Agalega & St. Brandon:    39:  3B6:   3B6,3B7;
Mauritius:                39:  3B8:   3B8;
Rodriguez I.:             39:  3B9:   3B9;
Equatorial Guinea:        36:  3C:    3C;
Pagalu I.:                36:  3C0:   3C0;
Fiji:                     32:  3D2:   3D2;
Conway Reef:              32:  3D2/c: 3D2AM,3D2CR,3D2HL,3D2VT,3D2WV;
Rotuma:                   32:  3D2/r: 3D2AG,3D2AP,3D2DD,3D2RJ,3D2RW,3D2XR,3D2XV
&                                     3D2XX;
Swaziland:                38:  3DA:   3DA;
Tunisia:                  33:  3V:    3V,TS;
Vietnam:                  26:  3W:    3W,XV;
Republic of Guinea:       35:  3X:    3X;
Bouvet:                   38:  3Y:    3Y;
Peter I I.:               12:  3Y/p:  3Y1EE;
Malyj Vysotskij I.:       16:  4J1:   4J1FM,4J1FS,4J1FW;
Franz Josef Land:         40:  4K2:   4K2;
Sri Lanka:                22:  4S:    4P,4Q,4R,4S;
ITU HQ Geneva:            14:  4U1I:  4U0ITU,4U1ITU,4U2ITU,4U3ITU,4U4ITU,4U5ITU
&                                     4U6ITU,4U7ITU,4U8ITU,4U9ITU;
United Nations HQ NY:     05:  4U1U:  4U0U,4U1U,4U43,4U44,4U45,4U46,4U47,4U48;
United Nations OE:        15:  4U1V:  4U1VIC;
Yemen:                    21:  4W:    4W;
Israel:                   20:  4X:    4X,4Z;                                  AS
Libya:                    34:  5A:    5A;
Cyprus:                   20:  5B:    5B,C4,H2,P3;                            AS
Tanzania:                 37:  5H:    5H,5I;
Nigeria:                  35:  5N:    5N,5O;
Madagascar:               39:  5R:    5R,5S,6X;
Mauritania:               35:  5T:    5T;
Niger:                    35:  5U:    5U;
Togo:                     35:  5V:    5V;
Western Samoa:            32:  5W:    5W;
Uganda:                   37:  5X:    5X;
Kenya:                    37:  5Z:    5Y,5Z;
Senegal:                  35:  6W:    6V,6W;
Jamaica:                  08:  6Y:    6Y;
Lesotho:                  38:  7P:    7P;
Malawi:                   37:  7Q:    7Q;
Algeria:                  33:  7X:    7R,7T,7U,7V,7W,7X,7Y;
Barbados:                 08:  8P:    8P;
Maldive Is.:              22:  8Q:    8Q;
Guyana:                   09:  8R:    8R;
Croatia:                  15:  9A:    9A;
Ghana:                    35:  9G:    9G;
Malta:                    15:  9H:    9H;
Zambia:                   36:  9J:    9I,9J;
Kuwait:                   21:  9K:    9K;
Sierra Leone:             35:  9L:    9L;
West Malaysia:            28:  9M2:   9M2,9M4,9W2,9W4;                        AS
East Malaysia:            28:  9M6:   9M6,9M8,9W6,9W8;
Nepal:                    22:  9N:    9N;
Zaire:                    36:  9Q:    9O,9P,9Q,9R,9S,9T;
Burundi:                  36:  9U:    9U;
Singapore:                28:  9V:    9V,S6;                                  AS
Rwanda:                   36:  9X:    9X;
Trinidad & Tobago:        09:  9Y:    9Y,9Z;
Botswana:                 38:  A2:    8O,A2;
Tonga:                    32:  A3:    A3;
Oman:                     21:  A4:    A4;
Bhutan:                   22:  A5:    A5;
United Arab Emirates:     21:  A6:    A6;
Qatar:                    21:  A7:    A7;
Bahrain:                  21:  A9:    A9;
Pakistan:                 21:  AP:    6P,6Q,6R,6S,AP,AQ,AR,AS;
Taiwan:                   24:  BV:    BV;
China:                    24:  BY:    3H,3I,3J,3K,3L,3M,3N,3O,3P,3Q,3R,3S,3T,3U
&                                     B,BY3G(23),BY3H(23),BY3I(23),BY3J(23)
&                                     BY3K(23),BY3L(23),XS;
Nauru:                    31:  C2:    C2;
Andorra:                  14:  C3:    C3;
The Gambia:               35:  C5:    C5;
Bahamas:                  08:  C6:    C6;
Mozambique:               37:  C9:    C8,C9;
Chile:                    12:  CE:    3G,CA,CB,CC,CD,CE,XQ,XR;
Easter I.:                12:  CE0A:  3G0,CE0,XQ0,XR0;
San Felix I.:             12:  CE0X:  CE0X,XQ0X,XR0X;
Juan Fernandez Is.:       12:  CE0Z:  CE0CEW,CE0I,CE0MTY,CE0OGZ,CE0Z,XQ0I,XQ0Z
&                                     XR0I,XR0Z;
Antarctica:               13:  CE9:   3G9A,3Y9WT(30),4K1,4K1A(39),4K1B(29)
&                                     4K1C(29),4K1D(38),4K1E(29),4K1G(30)
&                                     4K1H(32),4K1K(29),4K1L(29),4K1YAR(39)
&                                     7S8AAA(38),7S8BBB(38),8J1RL(39),8J1RM(39)
&                                     AT0A(38),CE9AP,CE9OH,CE9SAC,CE9SDJ
&                                     DP0GVN(38),FB8Y(30),FT0Y(30),FT2Y(30)
&                                     FT4Y(30),FT5Y(30),FT8Y(30),IA/I3JPA(30)
&                                     IA0PS(30),KC4AAA,KC4AAB,KC4AAC,KC4AAD
&                                     KC4AAE(29),KC4USA,KC4USB(12),KC4USC
&                                     KC4USD,KC4USE,KC4USF,KC4USG,KC4USK(29)
&                                     KC4USL(29),KC4USM(30),KC4USV(30)
&                                     KC4USX(30),KC4USY(30),LU4ZS,OR4(38),VK0CH
&                                     VK0DS(39),VK0JV,VK0KC(29),VK0LL(29)
&                                     VK0MN(29),VK0MP,VK0NE(39),VP8FAR,VP8HAL
&                                     VP8ROT,VP8SSW,ZL0AIC(30),ZL5(30)
&                                     ZS7ANT(38);
Cuba:                     08:  CM:    CL,CM,CO,T4;
Morocco:                  33:  CN:    5C,5D,5E,5F,5G,CN;
Bolivia:                  10:  CP:    CP;
Portugal:                 14:  CT:    CQ,CR,CS,CT,XX;
Madeira Is.:              33:  CT3:   CQ3,CQ9,CR3,CR9,CS3,CS9,CT3,CT9,XX3;
Azores:                   14:  CU:    CU;
Uruguay:                  13:  CX:    CV,CW,CX;
Sable I.:                 05:  CY0:   CY0;
St. Paul I.:              05:  CY9:   CY0SPI,CY9;
Angola:                   36:  D2:    D2,D3;
Cape Verde:               35:  D4:    D4;
Comoros:                  39:  D6:    D6;
Fed. Rep. of Germany:     14:  DL:    D,Y;
Philippines:              27:  DU:    4D,4E,4F,4G,4H,4I,DU,DV,DW,DX,DY,DZ;
Eritrea:                  37:  E3:    E3;
Spain:                    14:  EA:    AM,AN,AO,EA,EB,EC,ED,EE,EF,EG,EH;
Balearic Is.:             14:  EA6:   AM6,AN6,AO6,EA6,EB6,EC6,ED6,EE6,EF6,EG6
&                                     EH6;
Canary Is.:               33:  EA8:   AM8,AN8,AO8,EA8,EB8,EC8,ED8,EE8,EF8,EG8
&                                     EH8;
Ceuta and Melilla:        33:  EA9:   AM9,AN9,AO9,EA9,EB9,EC9,ED9,EE9,EF9,EG9
&                                     EH9;
Ireland:                  14:  EI:    EI,EJ;
Liberia:                  35:  EL:    5L,5M,6Z,A8,D5,EL;
Iran:                     21:  EP:    9B,9C,9D,EP,EQ;
Estonia:                  15:  ES:    ES;
Ethiopia:                 37:  ET:    9E,9F,ET;
France:                   14:  F:     F,HW,HX,HY,TH,TM,TP,TQ,TV,TW,TX;
Guadeloupe:               08:  FG:    FG;
Mayotte:                  39:  FH:    FH;
French St. Martin:        08:  FJ:    FJ,FS;
New Caledonia:            32:  FK:    50USA,FK;
Martinique:               08:  FM:    FM,TO5M;
French Polynesia:         32:  FO:    FO,TO8K;
Clipperton I.:            07:  FO/c:  FO0CI;
St. Pierre & Miquelon:    05:  FP:    FP;
Reunion:                  39:  FR:    FR;
Glorioso:                 39:  FR/g:  FR/G,FR5AI,FR7GL;
Juan de Nova & Europa:    39:  FR/j:  FR/E,FR/J,FR4FA,FR5ZQ/J;
Tromelin:                 39:  FR/t:  FR/T,FR5ZU/T,FR7CG;
Crozet:                   39:  FT8W:  FB8WZ,FT0W,FT2W,FT4W,FT5W,FT8W;
Kerguelen:                39:  FT8X:  FT0X,FT2X,FT4X,FT5X,FT8X;
Amsterdam & St. Paul:     39:  FT8Z:  FT0Z,FT2Z,FT4Z,FT5Z,FT8Z;
Wallis & Futuna Is.:      32:  FW:    FW;
French Guiana:            09:  FY:    FY;
England:                  14:  G:     2,G,M;
Isle of Man:              14:  GD:    2D,2T,GD,GT,MD,MT;
Northern Ireland:         14:  GI:    2I,2N,GI,GN,MI,MN;
Jersey:                   14:  GJ:    2H,2J,GH,GJ,MH,MJ;
Scotland:                 14:  GM:    2M,2S,GM,GS,MM,MS;
Shetlands:                14:  GM/s:  GM0AVR,GM0CYJ,GM0DJI,GM0EKM,GM0ILB,GM0JDB
&                                     GM3KCE,GM3KLA,GM3KZR,GM3RFR,GM3SJA,GM3STU
&                                     GM3TSG,GM3TST,GM3WCH,GM3XFK,GM3XOQ,GM3XPQ
&                                     GM3ZET,GM3ZNM,GM4AGX,GM4CAQ,GM4DQD,GM4ETG
&                                     GM4FNA,GM4FNE,GM4GPN,GM4GPP,GM4GQD,GM4GQM
&                                     GM4IPK,GM4JAB,GM4LBE,GM4LER,GM4PXG,GM4SRU
&                                     GM4SSA,GM4SWU,GM4WXQ,GM4YEL,GM4ZET,GM4ZHL;
Guernsey:                 14:  GU:    2P,2U,GP,GU,MP,MU;
Wales:                    14:  GW:    2C,2W,GC,GW,MC,MW;
Solomon Is.:              28:  H4:    H4;
Hungary:                  15:  HA:    HA,HG;
Switzerland:              14:  HB:    HB,HE;
Liechtenstein:            14:  HB0:   HB0,HE0;
Ecuador:                  10:  HC:    HC,HD;
Galapagos Is.:            10:  HC8:   HC8,HD8;
Haiti:                    08:  HH:    4V,HH;
Dominican Republic:       08:  HI:    HI;
Colombia:                 09:  HK:    5J,5K,HJ,HK;
San Andres & Providencia: 07:  HK0/a: 5J0,5K0,HJ0,HK0;
Malpelo I.:               09:  HK0/m: 5J0M,5K0M,HJ0M,HK0M,HK0TU;
South Korea:              25:  HL:    6K,6L,6M,6N,D7,D8,D9,DS,DT,HL;
North Korea:              25:  HM:    HM,P5,P6,P7,P8,P9;
Panama:                   07:  HP:    3E,3F,H3,H8,H9,HO,HP;
Honduras:                 07:  HR:    HQ,HR;
Thailand:                 26:  HS:    E2,HS;
Vatican:                  15:  HV:    HV;
Saudi Arabia:             21:  HZ:    7Z,8Z,HZ;
Italy:                    15:  I:     I;
Sardinia:                 15:  IS:    IM0,IS,IW0,IY0;
Sicily:                   15:  IT9:   IG9(33),IH9(33),IL9,IO9,IR9,IT9,IU9;
Djibouti:                 37:  J2:    J2;
Grenada:                  08:  J3:    J3;
Guinea-Bissau:            35:  J5:    J5;
St. Lucia:                08:  J6:    J6;
Dominica:                 08:  J7:    J7;
St. Vincent:              08:  J8:    J8;
Japan:                    25:  JA:    7J,7K,7L,7M,7N,8J,8K,8L,8M,8N,J,KA2CC
&                                     KA2DX,KA2EX;
Minami Torishima:         27:  JD/m:  7J1ACH,JD1YAA;
Ogasawara:                27:  JD/o:  JD1,KA2IJ;                              AS
Mongolia:                 23:  JT:    JT,JU,JV;
Svalbard:                 40:  JW:    JW;
Bear I.:                  40:  JW7:   JW7;
Jan Mayen:                40:  JX:    JX;
Jordan:                   20:  JY:    JY;                                     AS
United States:            05:  K:     4U1WB,A,K,N,W;
Belau:                    27:  KC6:   KC6;
Guantanamo Bay:           08:  KG4:   KG4;
Mariana Is.:              27:  KH0:   AH0,KG6RI,KG6SB,KG6SL,KH0,NH0,WH0;
Baker & Howland Is.:      31:  KH1:   AH1,KH1,NH1,WH1;
Guam:                     27:  KH2:   AH2,KG6ARL,KG6DV,KG6DX,KG6JEI,KG6JHC
&                                     KG6JJH,KG6JJP,KG6JKG,KG6JKT,KG6JKV,KH2
&                                     NH2,WH2;
Johnston I.:              31:  KH3:   AH3,KH3,KJ6BZ,NH3,WH3;
Midway I.:                31:  KH4:   AH4,KH4,NH4,WH4;
Palmyra & Jarvis Is.:     31:  KH5:   AH5,KH5,NH5,WH5;
Kingman Reef:             31:  KH5/k: AH5K,KH5K,NH5K,WH5K;
Hawaii:                   31:  KH6:   AH6,KH6,NH6,WH6;
Kure I.:                  31:  KH7:   AH7,KH7,NH7,WH7;
American Samoa:           32:  KH8:   AH8,KH8,KS6BK,KS6CQ,KS6DV,KS6EL,KS6FL
&                                     KS6FO,KS6FS,NH8,WH8;
Wake I.:                  31:  KH9:   AH9,KH9,NH9,WH9;
Alaska:                   01:  KL7:   AL7,KL7,NL7,WL7;
Navassa I.:               08:  KP1:   KP1,NP1,WP1;
US Virgin Is.:            08:  KP2:   KP2,KV4AD,KV4AQ,KV4BA,KV4BS,KV4BT,KV4BV
&                                     KV4CF,KV4CQ,KV4CR,KV4CS,KV4EW,KV4EY,KV4FW
&                                     KV4FZ,KV4GJ,KV4HC,KV4HH,KV4HR,KV4IE,KV4IH
&                                     KV4II,KV4IJ,KV4JC,KV4KD,KV4KW,NP2,WP2;
Puerto Rico:              08:  KP4:   KP4,NP4,WP4;
Desecheo I.:              08:  KP5:   KP5,NP5,WP5;
Norway:                   14:  LA:    LA,LB,LC,LD,LE,LF,LG,LH,LI,LJ,LK,LL,LM,LN;
Argentina:                13:  LU:    AY,AZ,L;
Luxembourg:               14:  LX:    LX;
Lithuania:                15:  LY:    LY;
Bulgaria:                 20:  LZ:    LZ;
Peru:                     10:  OA:    4T,OA,OB,OC;
Lebanon:                  20:  OD:    OD;                                     AS
Austria:                  15:  OE:    OE;
Finland:                  15:  OH:    OF,OG,OH,OI;
Aland Is.:                15:  OH0:   OF0,OG0,OH0,OI0;
Market Reef:              15:  OJ0:   OJ0;
Czech Republic:           15:  OK:    OK,OL;
Slovakia:                 15:  OM:    OM;
Belgium:                  14:  ON:    ON,OO,OP,OQ,OR,OS,OT;
Greenland:                40:  OX:    OX;                                     NA
Faroe Is.:                14:  OY:    OY;
Denmark:                  14:  OZ:    5P,5Q,OU,OV,OW,OZ,XP;
Papua New Guinea:         28:  P2:    P2;
Aruba:                    09:  P4:    P4;
Netherlands:              14:  PA:    PA,PB,PC,PD,PE,PF,PG,PH,PI;
Netherlands Antilles:     09:  PJ2:   PJ0,PJ1,PJ2,PJ3,PJ4,PJ9;
Sint Maarten:             08:  PJ7:   PJ5,PJ6,PJ7,PJ8;
Brazil:                   11:  PY:    PP,PQ,PR,PS,PT,PU,PV,PW,PX,PY,ZV,ZW,ZX,ZY
&                                     ZZ;
Fernando de Noronha:      11:  PY0F:  PP0F,PQ0F,PR0F,PS0F,PT0F,PU0F,PV0F,PW0F
&                                     PX0F,PY0F,ZV0F,ZW0F,ZX0F,ZY0F,ZZ0F;
St. Peter & St. Paul:     11:  PY0S:  PP0S,PQ0S,PR0S,PS0S,PT0S,PU0S,PV0S,PW0S
&                                     PX0S,PY0S,ZV0S,ZW0S,ZX0S,ZY0S,ZZ0S;
Trindade & Martim Vaz:    11:  PY0T:  PP0T,PQ0T,PR0T,PS0T,PT0T,PU0T,PV0T,PW0T
&                                     PX0T,PY0T,ZV0T,ZW0T,ZX0T,ZY0T,ZZ0T;
Suriname:                 09:  PZ:    PZ;
Western Sahara:           33:  S0:    S0;
Bangladesh:               22:  S2:    S2,S3;
Slovenia:                 15:  S5:    S5;
Seychelles:               39:  S7:    S7;
Sao Tome & Principe:      36:  S9:    S9;
Sweden:                   14:  SM:    7S,8S,SA,SB,SC,SD,SE,SF,SG,SH,SI,SJ,SK,SL
&                                     SM;
Poland:                   15:  SP:    3Z,HF,SN,SO,SP,SQ,SR;
Sudan:                    34:  ST:    6T,6U,ST;
Southern Sudan:           34:  ST0:   6T0,6U0,ST0;
Egypt:                    34:  SU:    6A,6B,SS,SU;
Greece:                   20:  SV:    J4,SV,SW,SX,SZ;
Dodecanese:               20:  SV5:   J45,SV5,SW5,SX5,SZ5;
Crete:                    20:  SV9:   J49,SV9,SW9,SX9,SZ9;
Mount Athos:              20:  SY:    SY;
Tuvalu:                   31:  T2:    T2;
Western Kiribati:         31:  T30:   T30;
Central Kiribati:         31:  T31:   T31;
Eastern Kiribati:         31:  T32:   T32;
Banaba:                   31:  T33:   T33;
Somalia:                  37:  T5:    6O,T5;
San Marino:               15:  T7:    T7;
Bosnia-Herzegovina:       15:  T9:    T9;
Turkey:                   20:  TA:    TA,TB,TC,YM;                            AS
Turkey (Europe):          20:  TA1:   TA0,TA1,TB0,TB1,TC0,TC1,YM0,YM1;
Iceland:                  40:  TF:    TF;
Guatemala:                07:  TG:    TD,TG;
Costa Rica:               07:  TI:    TE,TI;
Cocos I.:                 07:  TI9:   TE9,TI9;
Cameroon:                 36:  TJ:    TJ;
Corsica:                  15:  TK:    TK;
Central African Rep:      36:  TL:    TL;
Congo:                    36:  TN:    TN;
Gabon:                    36:  TR:    TR;
Chad:                     36:  TT:    TT;
Ivory Coast:              35:  TU:    TU;
Benin:                    35:  TY:    TY;
Mali:                     35:  TZ:    TZ;
European Russia:          16:  UA:    4K0,4K3,4K5ZI,R,U;
Kaliningrad:              15:  UA2:   R2,RA2,RK2,RV2,RW2,RX2,RZ2,U2,UA2,UK2,UV2
&                                     UW2,UZ2;
Asiatic Russia:           17:  UA9:   4K4(18),4K5(19),4K6(19),4K7(19),R0,R10F
&                                     R8,R9,RA0,RA8,RA9,RK0,RK8,RK9,RV0,RV8,RV9
&                                     RW0,RW8,RW9,RX0,RX8,RX9,RZ0,RZ8,RZ9,U0,U8
&                                     U9,UA0,UA8,UA8T(18),UA8V(18),UA9,UK0,UK8
&                                     UK9,UV0,UV8,UV9,UW0,UW8,UW9,UZ0,UZ8,UZ9;
Ukraine:                  16:  UB:    EM,EN,EO,R5,RB,RT,RY,U5,UB,UR,US,UT,UU,UX
&                                     UY;
Belarus:                  16:  UC:    EU,EV,EW,R2C,RC,U2C,UC;
Azerbaijan:               21:  UD:    4K,R6D,RD,U6D,UD;
Georgia:                  21:  UF:    4L,R6F,RF,U6F,UF;
Armenia:                  21:  UG:    4J,EK,R6G,RG,U6G,UG;
Turkmenistan:             17:  UH:    EZ,R8H,RH,U8H,UH;
Uzbekistan:               17:  UI:    R8I,RI,U8I,UI,UK;
Tajikistan:               17:  UJ:    EY,R8J,RJ,U8J,UJ;
Kazakhstan:               17:  UL:    R7,RL,U7,UL,UN,UP,UQ;
Kyrgyzstan:               17:  UM:    EX,R8M,RM,U8M,UM;
Karelo-Finnish Rep:       16:  UN1:   R1N,RA1N,RK1N,RN1,RN5WW,RV1N,RW1N,RX1N
&                                     RZ1N,U1N,UA1N,UK1N,UN1,UV1N,UW1N,UZ1N;
Moldova:                  16:  UO:    ER,R5O,RO,U5O,UO;
Antigua & Barbuda:        08:  V2:    V2;
Belize:                   07:  V3:    V3;
St. Kitts & Nevis:        08:  V4:    V4;
Namibia:                  38:  V5:    V5;
Micronesia:               27:  V6:    V6;
Marshall Is.:             31:  V7:    KX6BU,V7;
Brunei:                   28:  V8:    V8;
Canada:                   05:  VE:    CF,CG,CH,CI,CJ,CK,CY,CZ,VA,VB,VC,VD,VE
&                                     VE2ACP(02),VE2AG(02),VE2AOF(02)
&                                     VE2AQS(02),VE2AS(02),VE2CSI(02),VE2DS(02)
&                                     VE2DUN(02),VE2DWU(02),VE2DYL(02)
&                                     VE2DYW(02),VE2DYX(02),VE2EAK(02)
&                                     VE2EDK(02),VE2EDL(02),VE2EDX(02)
&                                     VE2ELL(02),VE2ENB(02),VE2END(02)
&                                     VE2ENK(02),VE2ENP(02),VE2ENR(02)
&                                     VE2ERU(02),VE2FCV(02),VE2GSA(02)
&                                     VE2GSO(02),VE2III(02),VE2KK(02)
&                                     VE2MTA(02),VE2MTB(02),VE2NN(02)
&                                     VE2TVU(02),VE2VH(02),VE2WT(02),VE2XY(02)
&                                     VE2YM(02),VE2ZP(02),VE8AJ(02),VE8CWI(02)
&                                     VE8MTD(02),VE8PW(02),VE8RCS(02),VF,VG,VO
&                                     VO2(02),VO7AA(02),VO7TM(02),VX,VY,XJ,XK
&                                     XL,XM,XM2ZP(02),XN,XO;
Australia:                30:  VK:    AX,VH,VI,VJ,VK,VL,VM,VN,VZ;
Heard I.:                 39:  VK0H:  VK0HI;
Macquarie I.:             30:  VK0M:  AX0,VK0;
Cocos-Keeling:            29:  VK9C:  AX9C,AX9Y,VK9C,VK9EW,VK9WB,VK9Y;
Lord Howe I.:             30:  VK9L:  AX9L,VK9AE,VK9L,VK9YQS;
Mellish Reef:             30:  VK9M:  AX9M,VK9M;
Norfolk I.:               32:  VK9N:  AX9,VK9;
Willis I.:                30:  VK9W:  AX9W,VK9GS,VK9TR,VK9W,VK9ZG;
Christmas I.:             29:  VK9X:  AX9X,VK9X;
Anguilla:                 08:  VP2E:  VP2E;
Montserrat:               08:  VP2M:  VP2M;
British Virgin Is.:       08:  VP2V:  VP2V;
Turks & Caicos:           08:  VP5:   VP5;
Falkland Is.:             13:  VP8:   92HY,VP8;
South Georgia:            13:  VP8/g: VP8BUB,VP8CBA,VP8CDJ,VP8CGK,VP8CIZ,VP8CKB
&                                     VP8CLR,VP8GAV,VP8SGB;
South Orkney:             13:  VP8/o: EC0BOD,LU1Z,LU5ZA,VP8BXK,VP8CFM,VP8CKC;
South Sandwich:           13:  VP8/sa:4K1ZI,VP8SSI;
South Shetland:           13:  VP8/sh:4K1ADQ,4K1F,CE3MMV/9,CE9AT,CE9GEW,CX0XY
&                                     EA0BOD,ED0BOE,HF0POL,HL5BDS,LU2Z,LU3ZI
&                                     LU5ZI,VP8CLZ,ZX0ECF;
Bermuda:                  05:  VP9:   VP9;
Chagos Is.:               39:  VQ9:   VQ9;
Pitcairn I.:              32:  VR6:   VR6,VR8B;
Hong Kong:                24:  VS6:   VR2,VS6;
India:                    22:  VU:    8T,8U,8V,8W,8X,8Y,AT,AU,AV,AW,VT,VU,VV,VW;
Andaman & Nicobar:        26:  VU4:   8T4,8U4,8V4,8W4,8X4,8Y4,AT4,AU4,AV4,AW4
&                                     VT4,VU4,VV4,VW4;
Laccadive Is.:            22:  VU7:   8T7,8U7,8V7,8W7,8X7,8Y7,AT7,AU7,AV7,AW7
&                                     VT7,VU7,VV7,VW7;
Mexico:                   06:  XE:    4A,4B,4C,6D,6E,6F,6G,6H,6I,6J,XA,XB,XC,XD
&                                     XE,XF,XG,XH,XI;
Revilla Gigedo:           06:  XF4:   4A4,4B4,4C4,6D4,6E4,6F4,6G4,6H4,6I4,6J4
&                                     XA4,XB4,XC4,XD4,XE4,XF0C,XF4,XG4,XH4,XI4;
Burkina Faso:             35:  XT:    XT;
Kampuchea:                26:  XU:    XU;
Laos:                     26:  XW:    XW;
Macao:                    24:  XX9:   XX9;
Myanmar:                  26:  XZ:    1Z,XY,XZ;
Afghanistan:              21:  YA:    T6,YA;
Indonesia:                28:  YB:    7A,7B,7C,7D,7E,7F,7G,7H,7I,8A,8B,8C,8D,8E
&                                     8F,8G,8H,8I,JZ,PK,PL,PM,PN,PO,YB,YC,YD,YE
&                                     YF,YG,YH;
Iraq:                     21:  YI:    HN,YI;
Vanuatu:                  32:  YJ:    YJ;
Syria:                    20:  YK:    4U,6C,YK;                               AS
Latvia:                   15:  YL:    YL;
Nicaragua:                07:  YN:    H6,H7,HT,YN;
Romania:                  20:  YO:    YO,YP,YQ,YR;
El Salvador:              07:  YS:    HU,YS;
Yugoslavia:               15:  YU:    4N,4O,X5,YT,YU,YZ;
Venezuela:                09:  YV:    4M,YV,YW,YX,YY;
Aves I.:                  08:  YV0:   4M0,YV0,YW0,YX0,YY0;
Zimbabwe:                 38:  Z2:    Z2;
Macedonia:                15:  Z3:    Z3;
Albania:                  15:  ZA:    ZA;
Gibraltar:                14:  ZB:    ZB,ZG;
UK Bases on Cyprus:       20:  ZC4:   ZC4;                                    AS
St. Helena:               36:  ZD7:   ZD7;
Ascension I.:             36:  ZD8:   ZD8;
Tristan da Cunha:         38:  ZD9:   ZD9;
Cayman Is.:               08:  ZF:    ZF;
North Cook Is.:           32:  ZK1/n: ZK1AAH,ZK1AJJ,ZK1AL,ZK1AR,ZK1AT,ZK1BW
&                                     ZK1BY,ZK1CQ,ZK1DT,ZK1OQ,ZK1TW,ZK1WL,ZK1XP
&                                     ZK1XR,ZK1XY;
South Cook Is.:           32:  ZK1/s: ZK1;
Niue:                     32:  ZK2:   ZK2;
Tokelau Is.:              31:  ZK3:   ZK3;
New Zealand:              32:  ZL:    ZL,ZM;
Chatham Is.:              32:  ZL7:   ZL7,ZM7;
Kermadec Is.:             32:  ZL8:   ZL8,ZM8;
Auckland & Campbell:      32:  ZL9:   ZL9,ZM9;
Paraguay:                 11:  ZP:    ZP;
South Africa:             38:  ZS:    H5,S4,S8,T8,V9,ZR,ZS,ZT,ZU;
Penguin Is.:              38:  ZS0:   ZS0;
Marion I.:                38:  ZS8:   ZR8,ZS8,ZT8,ZU8;
Walvis Bay:               38:  ZS9:   ZS9;
--- cut here ---

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  25-Oct-1993 1306 <reisert at>  Mon Oct 25 18:02:19 1993
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  25-Oct-1993 1306 <reisert at> (Jim Reisert AD1C 25-Oct-1993 1306)
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 13:02:19 EDT
Subject: FAQ:  How to obtain CTY files for CT
Message-ID: <9310251702.AA13184 at>

[NOTE:  latest CTY files are dated 10/25/93]

Here are a number of sources for the CTY files for CT.  The CTY files should
only be used by REGISTERED users of CT - if you are not currently a
REGISTERED user, see the end of this message for information on how to
obtain CT.

The CTY files I maintain are:

	IARU.CTY 	for IARU HF Championship

In addition, I also try to keep CTYHDG.PRE updated so that you can use the
CTYHDG program to put beam headings right into your .CTY files.

You can obtain the latest files by:

1.  Anonymous FTP

2.  Telephone BBS

	K1EA:	508-460-8877	(download CTY.EXE, or update CT)
	W6GO:	916-992-0923	(download CTY.ZIP)


	I post updated CTY files to CQ-CONTEST at TGV.COM usually starting
	one month before the major DX contests (CQWW, ARRL, IARU HF
	Championship, WAE).

4.  US MAIL (as a last resort)

	Send $1.00 and a blank formatted diskette to:

		Jim Reisert AD1C
		181 Littleton Road #320
		Chelmsford, MA  01824-2662

To obtain CT (latest version is 8.44), contact:

        K1EA Software
        A Division of Harvard Radio, Inc.
        5 Mount Royal Avenue
        Marlborough, MA  01752-9650

If you have any questions, comments or corrections to the CTY files, you can
send a message to me at "reisert at" or on PacketCluster(tm) to
"AD1C > NO1A"

73 - Jim AD1C

James J. Reisert		Internet:  reisert at
Digital Equipment Corp.		UUCP:	   ...decwrl!!reisert
146 Main Street	- MLO3-6/C9	Voice:	   508-493-5747
Maynard, MA  01754		FAX:	   508-493-0395

>From georgen at (George Noyes x5698)  Mon Oct 25 18:11:01 1993
From: georgen at (George Noyes x5698) (George Noyes x5698)
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 11:11:01 MDT
Subject: CQWW Contest Ops needed....
Message-ID: <9310251711.AA11357 at>

The Aspen Contest Club has lost a couple of our usual operators 
due to various unforseen problems.  Anyone interested and
can get to Colorado for this weekend's contest to operate 
would be appreciated by the group.  

Contact George Noyes, W1XE if you're interested for further
information and logistics....

The contest station is located near Snowmass (Aspen), Colorado.
Transportation can be arranged from Denver or Aspen.

Telephone:  (303)-673-5698 my work
            (303)-642-0565 home ok til midnight mst

Email:      georgen at

Oh ya, elevation 9500' above sealevel, mt top

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