SprINT from Europe

Woolwich Building Society wbs at cix.compulink.co.uk
Mon Oct 25 19:13:00 EDT 1993

Boy, were conditions bad. Our switchover from BST to GMT occurred on
Saturday night so the contest started at 0100 local and finished at
0200 local. Anyway, I got up at 0000z and 20m was dead. Only one SSB
signal on the entire band, so back to bed and up again at 0145z. I
only heard three stations on 40m and managed to work each of them.
One Curley and two Lindas. After each QSO I called CQ INT but no takers.
I hope conditions pick up for CQ WW, I will be one of three ops on
20m from G0KPW multi-multi. Please work us on at least six bands!
Dave G4BUO

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