Need the technical help.

YuriA.Kurinyi YuriA.Kurinyi
Thu Sep 9 00:03:43 EDT 1993

Dear Contesters, Help us!

At first, we need information about reliable homemade contest's ANTs
for 40 & 20 m. In other words, our UA9AJ/UA9AM contest club have got
two 30 m length boom and two (yet) good towers, and we need in checked
dimensions, diameters and other detailes for optimum performance.

At second, we need INFO about best (good) commercial TRCVRs for contest
application for bying it.

Any INFO (including prices of TRCVR) will be greatly appricated.

Thanks, Yuri/Yuri (UA9AM/UA9AJ).

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