YOKOYAMA Muneharu hal-y at tkyux.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Wed Sep 8 21:49:03 EDT 1993

Hi, all.

	I am one the operators of JL1ZCG, Nakayoshi QRP Club, and
planning to participate in the CQ WW RTTY Contest at the end of 
this month. To advance our position in the world (5th M/S last
year), we must make some QSO's with U.S./Canadian stns on 40 and 80.
We know that you have certain activities there, but the Japanese band
plan (7025-7040 and 3520-3525 for the data communications) prevents us
from transmitting on the "hot spots" (somewhere on the higher frequencies,
I think). It is very hard for us to hear your signals on the Japanese
phone frequencies (7030-7100 and 3525-3575), so working split is almost
impossible. Please look for us on the lower frequencies described above, 
and try to call there. Any informations, suggestions, or schedules would be
appreciated. Thanks.

73's de Hal, JO1BMV (hal-y at tkyux.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp)

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