NCJ Sprints

Larry Tyree tree at
Wed Sep 8 16:13:07 EDT 1993

Just a reminder that the NCJ Sprints are coming up.  CW is this weekend and
SSB the weekend after.  If you need to register a team, this can be done
via E-Mail.  CW Team info goes to myself at tree at and the ssb
info goes to K7GM at aoniswan at  Make sure your message is
sent before the contest starts.

Also, you can send your logs via E-Mail.  Put it in some sort of ASCII format
that looks something like the suggested log sheet and send it to the same
addresses shown above.  We will QSO your log via return E-Mail.  Don't
forget to also mail in a signed summary sheet or your score will be counted
as a check log.  If you would rather send in a disk and summary sheet, that
is also acceptable.

Look for VY1JA who has had his arm twisted into getting on.  He also plans
to be active in the CQP and SS CW!!  

Tree  N6TR

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