N2IC Sprint Ramblings ...

Steven M London +1 303 538 4763 Steven.M.London at att.com
Mon Sep 13 10:28:25 EDT 1993

N2IC  Colorado

332 x 43 = 14,276

First contest from the new QTH !  Activity seemed down - really had to dig
after the first 60 QSO's on each band.  Spent 15 minutes on 20 meters around
0200Z with the beam NW - but no KL7, VY1, VE6 or VE7.
Heard MT on 40, but wasn't the right side of the QSO.
Heard K7ABV (ID) working DX on the low end of 40 -
no QSO !  Tried to work a CM8, but he was too much of a turkey.
Otherwise, worked every mult I heard.  Great job by KR0Y getting 49 mults,
but how ??

Was using a low, 2 element inverted vee beam on 40.  
Was my signal okay ?  Good enough for SS, or do I need to do better ?

Steve, N2IC/0
n2ic at longs.att.com

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