frank moore fhmoore at nemed.b11.ingr.com
Mon Sep 13 10:12:12 EDT 1993

    Marginal improvement in my score. Station was better due to using KO4LC's
antennas but operator skill was down. Hopefully a new soundblaster/ped and more
contests will help the latter with periodic guest ops helping the former.

               183 x 37 = 6771

    Highlight of the contest was a qso with WB4WCR (my dad) on 80m. For a 
non-contester I was amazed that he could find me and then that I heard him 
through several stns calling for his 1 and only q.

    CU in SSB. Back to my wires and low beam though.

                                                  Frank, KE4GY

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