SB Pro Deluxe card.

Walter Kornienko GC-DSTI waltk at PICA.ARMY.MIL
Tue Sep 14 17:06:45 EDT 1993

Evidently, there is confusion as to what in fact Creative Labs is selling as
the Sound Blaster Deluxe & Sound Blaster Pro Deluxe cards. I'm sorry if I
disseminated BS.

According to Dan, N9XX, the difference is more than software bundling:

    "The SB _Pro Deluxe_ card that
 sells for around $130 is _NOT_ the same card as the SB _Deluxe_.  They
 have completely different chip sets.  The SB _Deluxe_ uses the Yamaha
 1312 synthesizer chip and has an 8-bit ISA bus connection.  The SB _Pro
 Deluxe_ uses the Yamaha OPL3 synthesizer chip, and has a 16-bit ISA bus

As I said before, cavaet emptor.   73 de Walt - K2WK

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