Sound Blaster Pro vs. Deluxe

Dan Reese 76300.331 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Sep 14 18:49:31 EDT 1993

Walt, K2WK says:
>I just got a catalog from PC Connection and was surprised to find out
>that you can get the Sound Blaster Pro card for $84.  The product is
>being heavily marketed as the Sound Blaster Pro Deluxe (Computer
>Shopper, etc.).

and W9IP says:
>The "Pro" boards are the same as the ordinary boards but there's more
>software & documentation thrown in.

These statements are not quite accurate.  There is quite a difference
on the hardware level between the Sound Blaster "Deluxe" and the Sound
Blaster "Pro Deluxe".  They have completely different chip sets.  The
SB "Deluxe" uses the Yamaha 1312 synthesizer chip and has an 8-bit ISA
bus connection.  The SB "Pro Deluxe" uses the Yamaha OPL3 synthesizer
chip, and has a 16-bit ISA bus connection.  The "Deluxe" sells for as
little as $65, while the "Pro Deluxe" runs around $120-$130.  The "Pro
Deluxe" has more "voices", hence the ability to generate 18 station
pileups with the PED software.

Besides the hardware differences, there is quite a bit of difference in
the software bundled with them too, although this is the first time
I've heard of a CD ROM encyclopedia bundled with either of the boards
- makes for a pretty expensive coaster if you don't have a CD ROM

There are also two other Sound Blasters: the SB 16, and the SB 16 ASP, 
both more expensive.  The main difference with these two boards is in
the degree of sound sampling capabilities, MIDI interfaces, DSP chips, 
and so on.

I do have a question for ALL though - has anyone run PED with the Sound
Blaster "Deluxe" - the 8 bit ISA board??  I am using the SB 16 myself, 
and it works just like the "Pro Deluxe".  I've never been too clear on
whether the cheaper SB "Deluxe" works with PED, just with fewer voices?

73, Dan N9XX

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