wmhein at wmhein at
Tue Sep 14 23:42:06 EDT 1993

Anyone besides me surprised at the rapid drop in the solar flux since early
1992???  Last nite I think the flux was about 78.

I have only been licensed since June 1989, so I have never experienced a
solar cycle minimum.  Since the last cycle bottomed out in 1987, I didn't
expect the current cycle to bottom out until 1998 (1987 + 11), four and
one-half years from now.

I read somewhere that no sunspots results in flux of about 60.  Since we are
already down to 78, are propagation conditions now more or less the way they
will be at the bottom of the cycle???  How is propagation different at SF60
than SF78???

What are the odds the current cycle will be shorter than eleven years???

Your insights, predictions, disinformation welcome...

Bill, AA6TT

PS: Please note, I'm not a "fair weather" contester/DXer, pining away for 10
meter's return.  I am enjoying the good low band conditions -- 9G1XA was
599++ last weekend on 80m and I am looking to winter conditions on 160m (must
be close -- it snowed here today!).

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