Computers and the Sprint

Larry Tyree tree at
Wed Sep 15 08:10:19 EDT 1993

Ken, WM2C writes:

> I like your ideas...  have a question on the automatic sending of a call

> after 4 letters...  what happens if you mess up typing in a call and you

> send garbage instead?  May be more frustrating to you the op, and upset

> the guy on the receiving end.  (Though I guess we should improve our typing

> effeciency!)  How do you propose to enter the information field?  using

> the space bar seems intuitive (or are we too used to doing it that way).

If you type the wrong letter, you can either stop the CW that is being

sent with the ESCAPE key, fix the call, and then hit RETURN to start over.

Or if the wrong character hasn't been sent yet, use the BACKSPACE key to

erase it, and then type the correct key.  There is no need to hit any key

to get into the exchange field since the program knows it has sent the

whole callsign when all the input characters have been sent and puts

the cursor in the exchange field at that time.

This means if you were just running stations, you could work people by

typing their callsign, typing in an exchange (not necessary for contests

like the CQ WW where the exchange is calculated from the callsign) and

pressing RETURN to log the contact.  You don't even have to move your

hands from their natural typing position.  Also, the rig's RIT can be

controlled with the two shift keys, so you eliminate even more hand


Of course, all of these bells and whisles can be turned on or off to

your liking.  And if you would rather have the CW start on the third

character, that can be selected as well (useful for slower typers).

Tree N6TR

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