H. LAWRENCE SERRA 72750.3620 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Sep 15 13:46:26 EDT 1993

Mike AA7NX recently wrote (re Sprints): 

"I'd like to have a chance to look over your (KR0Y, N6TR, WN4KKN) 
shoulder while Sprinting."

Me too. Would Jeff, Tree, Trey and others agree to a video of their
contest operations? Tim K3LR and LTA, or CQ would surely arrange it, 
kind of a real time contest forum. It could be edited down for longer
contests, or full time for Sprints. The bottom corners of the screen
could show the log entry line, rate meter, etc, and the opr could 
talk-over (like a contest forum post-mortem) the on-the-air audio about
what was happening tactically or strategically. Personally, I'd like to
watch someone operating two radios, just to get a sense of the rythmn
involved. Sound interesting?

de Larry -N6AZE

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