Alan Brubaker alan at dsd.es.com
Wed Sep 15 16:13:00 EDT 1993

Dave, NG0X/6, writes:

...stuff deleted...

>Of course, we married guys will have to watch this on the sly or
>our wives will send us to the loony bin.


Too late, Dave. My wife tried to do this once. Here's what happened when
she called them to take me away:

--ring, ring, ... --   "Looney bin."

"Can you come pick up my husband? He has gone off the deep end for sure
this time!"

"He's not a _contester_, is he?"

"Why, yes he is, but how did you kno <CLICK!>

.... ..

Alan, K6XO

alan at dsd.es.com

"Life's too short for QRP." - N6TU

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