1992 Calif. QSO Party Awards

Robert A. Wilson n6tv at vnet.IBM.COM
Thu Sep 16 11:13:24 EDT 1993

Gerard (KE9I),

We screwed up.

First, congratulations on winning the 1992 California QSO Party.
Second, I understand your frustration.  Let me assure you, and
everyone else, that all of the 1992 California QSO Party wine awards
will be shipped soon.  Hopefully they will arrive before the 1993 CQP
(Oct 2,3).  That is our goal.

We are very late in shipping the wine awards to the top 20 finishers
this year.  But all awards will be shipped!  On behalf of the NCCC,
please accept our apologies.

CQP T-shirts and certificates were mailed out long ago.  The wine
awards were delayed due to the requirement to obtain special shipping
boxes.  We decided to ship the plaques and results with the wine
bottles for the top 20 finishers, to save a bit on postage.  That was
a mistake.  Since the shipping of the wine bottles was delayed, the
mailing of the results was also delayed.  (Top 20 finishers are to receive
wine only, no T-shirt).  As No. 1 out of state, you should receive your
plaque, your wine bottle, and a copy of the results in one big
package.  In the future, we will probably ship these items separately.

All awards were ready to go in April, and many picked up their plaques
and wine at the Visalia DX Convention.  We planned to ship the rest,
but our awards chairman, who had done an excellent job up to that
point, got sidetracked and the wine didn't get shipped as planned.
That problem is being corrected at this very moment.  In the mean time,
the wine has been aging in the NCCC cellars.

We are now working very hard to put all 58 California Counties on the air
for the 1993 CQP.  We will not let one screw-up ruin the best QSO
party in the country.  We look forward to your continued participation.

Gerard, please post a copy of this message on your local packet cluster
and other places where your note has been copied.  Thank you.

Bob, N6TV
Past President, NCCC
(5/92 - 4/93)

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