Phone Sprint Teams

Thu Sep 16 10:49:26 EDT 1993

     If you have a team to register with me for the Phone Sprint, you can
do so via three ways:
     First, you can send me an e-mail message at:
                     aoniswan at   (internet)
                     aoniswan at ecuvm1              (bitnet)
     I will send you a confirmation via return e-mail.

     Second, you can call me on the phone (919-753-7760) and speak to me
or my wife Debi or my answering machine.  The machine is sometimes
tempermental so leave your phone number and I will call back with an
     Third, you can send me a letter via US Snail.  Send to P.O. Box
3778, Greenville, NC  27836
     E-mail and phone calls must be received at least one hour prior
to the beginning of the contest.
     Happy hunting.  Listen close for my 100 watts and vertical.
     Oh, by the way.....  what do you get when you cross Lee Iacocca
with a vampire?

     An autoexec.bat

     Couldn't resist....           Rick, K7GM/4

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