CT & OS/2

Robert A. Wilson n6tv at vnet.IBM.COM
Fri Sep 17 17:25:30 EDT 1993

First, to run CT286 or CT386 you'll need OS/2 2.1.  CT86 runs OK
under either OS/2 2.0 or OS/2 2.1.

CW timing is a problem with any multi-tasking operating system.
You'll get the best results if no other software is running at
the same time.  The following DOS settings are about the best you
can do (but you may still find the CW timing to be unsatisfactory):


A few weeks ago Ken mentioned to me that he was considering an OS/2
version, character mode at first, PM later.  He may still have trouble
tackling the timing problem.  The best solution may turn out to be an
outboard box such as a PK-232 or AEA keyer to send the CW, so that
time-slicing by the OS does not affect the CW.  A one-chip circuit
might work also.

For phone, CT under OS/2 is just fine.  I haven't tried to make the
DVP work, but it should work OK if you set it to IRQ 5 and nothing
else on the system is using IRQ 5.  Anyone try this?

Bob, N6TV

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