Peter Hardie hardie at herald.usask.ca
Tue Sep 21 12:48:35 EDT 1993

This is the first time I have sent for a card via F6FNU so this may be old
hat to some of you but has me a bit confused.
I sent for a card for a QSO with 3A2LF and promptly (abt 3 weeks) received
TWO cards in return. The 3A2LF cardwas fine. But the other card was for a
SSB contact with TZ6NU which isn't likely because I already have TZ and
don't do SSB anyway. A more careful examination of the card revealed that
it wasn't for me. It is made out to IK4PMA.
The wierdest part is that the back of the card is addressed to IK4PMA and
has the correct CANADIAN postage on it so I can just chuck it in the mail.
Seems to me that this is going about it the long way round? 
Anyway, if someone on the net knows Mauro IK4PMA, tell him his card for
TZ6NU should be in the mail (from Canada) today.
73 de Pete
ve5va.qrp at usask.ca

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