Alpha 76 questions

Mon Apr 18 08:49:18 EDT 1994

I recently became the owner of an Alpha 76A three holer.
I have read the manual but still do not have a grasp on how hard to drive it or load it.
load it.  The published specs on the 8875 do not seem to as robust as the amp
lifer acts. So, my question-can this thing run at the legal limit out with 
no problems ? Any help will be appreciated.

Also, the multimeter switchs do not lock on. This makes monitoring the grid
current a REAL pain. Is this normal or are they broken or what?

WARC bands. The letter is in the mail to ETO on this but has wnyone used there
76 on 18/24 Mhz ? The manual cautions against 24 Mhz without mods-a choke 
problem ?

73 Dan W8CAR

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