CQ WW Country Oddities

Fri Apr 29 11:46:42 EDT 1994

In response to Jim AD1C's observation that Lampedusa counts as Sicily:
I wonder how Lampedusa, an island in Africa, can possibly count as a QSO with a
WAE country?  It is outside of Europe.  In the same way that the remainder of
Turkey, Asia Minor, counts seperately from the European part of that country,
should not Lampedusa, and Italian posession, not far from Sicily, but outside
Europe, count as a seperate multiplier?  Are there any other obscure bits of
geography out there that we should be looking for.  I believe the criteria
should be some chunk of territory of a European state that straddles the
boundary between Europe and some other continent, but does not already count as
a DXCC country.  Has anyone else any suggestions?  73, Dave VE2ZP/VE9CB

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