Electronic Results!

km9p at aol.com km9p at aol.com
Fri Apr 29 09:33:11 EDT 1994

>The League is using the Paradox database program for maintaining the 
>scores and preparing the results.  It should be a simple matter to make 
>the scores available in ASCII format or in Paradox format.

>Since the scores are published, there should be no legal or other reasons 
>why they could not be distributed electronicly.

>If there is concern about the work effort involved, it is simply a matter 
>of putting them on a public BBS and letting the natural flow of 
>electronic matter do the rest.

Wow!  That would be really nice.  Now if we could get them to post other
information to the BBS regarding a contest, such as valid callsigns worked on
each band in a contest.  A valid callsign being one that shows up in at least
5 to 10 logs.  I would love to write a program that would crunch that
information against my log.  Maybe compare it with other single-ops.

Now if we could get CQWW to follow...  Too bad Bob Cox has two jobs!


>From Don Nutt KJ6TC <kj6tc at netcom.com>  Fri Apr 29 15:28:16 1994
From: Don Nutt KJ6TC <kj6tc at netcom.com> (Don Nutt KJ6TC)
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 1994 07:28:16 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: SS 94
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9404290718.A11031-0100000 at netcom3>

I see everyone talking about the regional boxes and the layout.  Has any 
body noticed the PLAQUES that were NOT sponsored.  Well I challenge that 
we as a group do what we can to see that ALL of the plaques are 
sponsored.  Wouldn't it be a shame to win and receive nothing.  
Especially when it may have been your best effort.

To start the ball rolling,  my wife and I will sponsor Canada,  Low Power 
Phone.  I talked Carl, AH8I into sponsoring Canada, Multioperator CW.  
As a added incentive to the clubs,  River City Contestors will sponsor 
Canada,  High Power CW.

Now I am not a part of the ARRL as far as contesting or DX goes,  but I 
am concerned that we as contestors should do what we can to see that the 
plaques and/or awards in our favorite contest are covered.  Perhaps you 
can't sponsor one yourself,  but maybe your club or a friend can go in on 

Think about it.

Don Nutt
kj6tc at netcom.com


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