IOTA Contest - G4BUO

Mon Aug 1 15:39:57 EDT 1994

IOTA Contest 1994                      G4BUO
Single Op CW            5.5  hours operation
        80    40    20    15    10     Total
Qs       -   100   142    16     -       258
Mults    -    20    29     4     -        53     Claimed score 98,527
Dave G4BUO


>From wier at (Bob Wier)  Mon Aug  1 17:53:20 1994
From: wier at (Bob Wier) (Bob Wier)
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 1994 09:53:20 -0700
Subject: UNSUBSCRIBE, How to

Heres' the skinny from the welcome message

Further administrative requests regarding this list should be sent to

    Internet:   CQ-Contest-Request at TGV.COM

The following commands can be handled automatically
(at address listserv at

    SUBSCRIBE        - subscribe to a mailing list
    SIGNOFF          - remove yourself from a mailing list
    REVIEW           - get a list of subscribers
    QUERY            - get the status of your entry on the list
    SET NOMAIL       - remain on the list but not receive mail
    SET MAIL         - reverse the NOMAIL setting
    SET CONCEAL      - conceal yourself from REVIEW listings
    SET NOCONCEAL    - reverse the CONCEAL setting
    SET NOREPRO      - prevent the list from sending you your own postings
    SET REPRO        - reverse the NOREPRO setting
    HELP             - receive a help file
    QUIT             - terminate processing (skipping signature, etc.)

You must send your commands in the body of a mail message.  Subject
lines in mail messages are ignored.

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currently in Ouray, Co at 8,000 ft. elevation
   (this is a *high level* system :-)

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