KA9FOX at aol.com KA9FOX at aol.com
Tue Aug 9 22:46:24 EDT 1994

    Call used: W9UP             Operator: KA9FOX        Location: WI

     Category: Single Operator      Mode: CW               Power: 150W

     Exchanged Information: W9UP SCOTT WI     Hours of Operation: 09:58

     band      QSOs    mults
     160         28      18
      80         76      35
      40        158      51
      20        202      45
      15         56      24
      10         17       9
     TOTAL      537     182      SCORE: 97,734
     Club or Team Name: Sultans of Shwing Team #1   
Comments:  Another fun "field day" at W9UP.  Since my 930 is sick, I borrowed
a 440 from a friend to use as second rig.  Found out the hard way that you
can't turn down or off the cw monitor (oh yeah, that's a LOT of fun when
two-radio contesting... NOT!!!)  A few hours into it, I actually got the hang
of 'ignoring' the CQing audio in my right ear while S&Ping on the other rig
with my left ear.  

Highlight had to be me finally being brave enough to do, uh, you know, number
two outside the shack (other option was to take an untimely 30 min. off-time
to drive to the convenience store)  Thanks go to N0BSH for leaving those
Subway napkins in the shack!  I shoulda NEVER gone out Friday night!!!

Mike and I will trade places for SSB... I'll be at W0AIH and he'll be at
W9UP, where he'll probably kick my butt again.

73 Scott KA9FOX
ka9fox at aol.com

>From Steve Merchant <merchant at crl.com>  Wed Aug 10 02:40:35 1994
From: Steve Merchant <merchant at crl.com> (Steve Merchant)
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 1994 18:40:35 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: N4TQO NAQP Results
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9408091835.A29662-0100000 at crl.crl.com>

>From AG6D:

    Band    Q    

    160     7    66' vertical
     80    31    80M2 @ 120'; dipole @ 60'
     40   135    40M4 @ 130'; dipole @ 60'; 402CD @ 65'
     20   197    20M5 @ 90';KT34XA @ 70', 56'
     15    44    KT34XA @ 70', 56'; 15M6 @ 35'
     10     0

          414 x 129M  = 55208

Team:  Sultans #2

Excuses: Started the contest on 3 hours sleep; used LOG for first time 
ever; had new antenna to play with (15M6 N6BV design on 48' boom).

Congrats to N2IC and the other Sultans for a great job.  Thanks for all 
the Q's.  And big thanks to Al for the use of his fine station.

73, Steve  N4TQO
merchant at crl.com  

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