Non-Delivery of Wallpaper: SOLVED!

AllanWS at AllanWS at
Wed Aug 10 18:25:34 EDT 1994

First of all, THANKS to all who have respondedto my query about the
lack of delivery of the ARRL 10 Meter contest awards. I have received
many responses: K1KI (Tom), K2FH, (Bob), KY1H (Dave), WA2SRQ (Ed)
KI4HN (Jim) & KI6IM (Victor) all of whom suggested blunt at
is the way to go for contest problems or contest at (and the
never failing phone call!). WB5CRG (Robert) suggested the ombudsman at
I found out that I probably didn't have to contact anyone! I received THREE
quick responses from the ARRL (K1TN-Jim, KB1GW-Glenn and Warren NF1J). Warren
told me the news I was looking for: the 10 Meter Contest awards were not 
mailed out yet because of other projects at the ARRL.They should be mailed out
sometime next week. I was used to the awards being sent out right after the
QST issue was mailed out but this was a different circumstance.
Again, THANKS to those to took the time to send out responses!

73  Al  N9ISN   allanws at

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