nv6o naqp cw

Fri Aug 12 12:24:08 EDT 1994

We operated from AA6WJ'w qth here in Sacramento - his air conditioning
worked, NV6O's didn't. (btw, I just spent an Alpha 87 worth for new
environmental equipment.  5 weeks without A/C in the hottest time of the
hottest part (sometimes) of the country - yuchh).

        160     shunt loaded 80' tower
         80     delta poop, uh loop
         20 |
         15 |-   Mosely Pro sumpin w 2 on 40 @ 80'
We were going to use the AH8I '75 stealthmobile of CQP fame for the base
of the second antenna system (Texas Bugcatcher) for the second station.

Rate did not justify unpacking my 765 and laying out the coax to the
operating location.

AH8I and AA6WJ did not do to badly with the NV6O thing.  It was the name
"BO" that didn't help.  Incidentally, the name was picked by Sue,
WJ's wife and was not an artifact of the other situation.

Tried to give WN3K the name Plurb, he didn't respond

Actually worked N4BP several times - if he only knew.

Actually worked N4BO once his name was Eric in CA.  Hope whoever did
this is blessed with curse associated with that particular combination
of letters and numbers.

80M was horrible - we did better on 160.  I will never use a delta thing
again.  I've never seen one work on 80.  (This otta bringem outa the

1 Q on 10.

Multi is not the way to go for the summer version of this thing.

373 Q's 119 mults. Wasting away in 15 meter land.  waiting for the
clock to change.

Eric NV6O
edwoods at pacbell.com

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