Marijan.Miletic at IJS.si Marijan.Miletic at IJS.si
Tue Aug 16 13:08:02 EDT 1994

Hi Contesters,

I do have some contatcts with IARU officials and they often claim that our
beloved contests are NOT very popular with the majority of hams as witnessed 
by clean WARC bands (I wonder what majority means in developed democracies?).
Therefore it is recommended that regional contests last maximum of 24 hours.
I feel that should be fine even for WAE, AA, WVE although I enjoy longer 
streches in high sunspots!

CQ WW is different story but it has degenerated to "rich-man-expedition" club!
As it seems to suit W6 gang, no reasonable rule changes (CT1BOH propossal)
are even discussed while poor WAE packet attracts all the storm as a very 
dangerous virus (beware SM)!  I hope that the claims of rigorous WW log 
checking are not based on flawed "unique" approach which is meaningless 
for Morse code!   However, I congratulate volontiers on their paper work!
But as long as you require paper logs and do not provide email address, 
enjoy typing in & looking!

The major difference between VHF nets and packet DX spoting is that later is 
time independent and therefore permitts SINGLE OP to easily do ALL the work.
Even packet is done by COMPUTER and that seems to be the only unchalenged 
contribution to contesting.  I do celebrate 10 years of on-line logging this 
October but Rasa, YU1RL still wins CW contests without it (manual WAE QTC, 
no memory keyers either)!

Once W6 input on WAE terminates, can someone from left coast analyse possible
local effects of starting CQ WW 160m at 17:00 Z to give EU two full nights?

73 de Mario, S56A, S57MM, N1YU, ex YU3EA, YU1PCF.

email: Marijan.Miletic at IJS.SI

P.S. During my last visit to W6 SF area in 1991, I made few remarks about 
recent nasty CA developments to Bruno, AA6AD (ex YU2, 4X) and he replied: 
"Mario, this is still the most beautyfull place in the world"!  I fully
share his view.

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