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ERIC.L.SCACE at adn.sprint.com ERIC.L.SCACE at adn.sprint.com
Tue Aug 16 12:58:44 EDT 1994

Hi gang --

   I've gotten a modest number of notes about the use of packet for spotting
by the WRTC teams.

   The rules are not cast in concrete, so this issue will be revisited by the
Administration on Aug 29th.  If you have particular feelings about this point,
please send me a message (direct) with:
   -- the points on both sides of the issue, as you see them
   -- relative weight of these points, in your opinion
   -- your conclusion/recommendation.

   Another issue will also be reviewed on the 29th: the use of transceiver
power levels vs. 500 W power levels.  Briefly, the points include:
   ++ in 1995 we will be in the depths of the solar cycle; therefore 5 dB
      additional transmitter power will be helpful in chasing fleeting 
      openings on higher bands
   ++ a July contest is subject to higher QRN levels in northern hemispher
      locations; other IARU participants will have a more difficult time
      copying 100-150 W signals from the WRTC stations, especially on lower
   -- higher power levels require more careful site selection (TVI, 220 VAC
      power feed)
   -- higher power levels require more equipment to be located/installed by
      the Administration (a non-trivial task when equipping 50 stations!!!!)
   -- intrastation interference between listening rig and sending rig is
      aggrevated as power levels are increased.
So, while you are commenting, let me know if you have views on this issue as

   Thanks, everyone.

-- Eric K3NA

Eric.L.Scace at ADN.Sprint.Com

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