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Thu Aug 18 17:31:36 EDT 1994

Hi everyone --

   The WRTC Administration is trying to compile a mailing list of people who
edit contest columns in magazines around the world.  The purpose of the
mailing list is to help get information about WRTC out to all interested
contesters in the different parts of the world.

   USA publications (CQ, NCJ, QST) are no problem.  We are interested in the
non-USA people.

   If you have any ideas on this point, please forward the information to me. 
Thanks very much for your help.

-- Eric K3NA
   (for WRTC-95, Inc.)


>From Gus Widell <sm3sgp at>  Thu Aug 18 22:44:44 1994
From: Gus Widell <sm3sgp at> (Gus Widell)
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 1994 23:44:44 +0200
Subject: WAE Score SM3KOR
Message-ID: <199408182144.AA27980 at>

European  DX-Contest from SM3KOR

           80    40    20   15  10   ALL
  QSO      23   124   344   24   2   517
  Mult     12    27    31   19   2    91

  QTCs:  703

Score:   abt  280k

This was not fun, but the first contest from SM3KOR new station.

Antennas:   3.5 MHz vertical, 7MHz  3 el at 37 meters, 14 MHz 5 over 5
            at 40/20 meters. 21 MHz  6 el at 46 meters. 28 MHz 6 el 12 m.

Operators:  SM0MXO/Hasse, SM0TXT/Torgny, SM3KOR/Lars, SM3OSM/Tom
            SM3SGP/Gus, SM5NBE/Erkki.

Club:       Top Of Europe Contesters  TOEC.

Please, participate in TOEC - Field Contest last weekend this month.
For more info, read CQ Magazine August.

73 de Gus, SM3SGP
sm3sgp at

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