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Thu Aug 18 20:14:37 EDT 1994

I am planning a trip to VP5 for CQWW CW this fall with several others.  We
will be multi-multi and will sign VP5VW (in honor of W9VW, SK) and I have been assigned the computer rental task.  I wonder if anyone
knows of a place that will rent me 4 or 5 notebook computers for 2 weeks to 
take down there?  I need 386 or 486 machines with at least 4megs of RAM and
it will need to have one (maybe two) com ports.  It should be in the 33MHZ or fsfaster.  Preferably a DX (as opposed to an SX) processor.

If anyone knows of an outfit that rents these or does so themselves, please
send me E-MAIL at WD8AUB at DELPHI.COM.

I saw KA9FOX's posting (think he was author) offering to rent his computer
that he is buying.  But, as you can see, I need 4 or 5 of them.

Thanks in advance, and please do not send response to the reflector.

73 de Doug, WD8AUB (6Y5L op; VP5VW op)  WD8AUB at DELPHI.COM

>From Lee Hiers <0006701840 at>  Thu Aug 18 22:30:00 1994
From: Lee Hiers <0006701840 at> (Lee Hiers)
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 94 16:30 EST
Subject: Packet & M/S
Message-ID: <40940818213004/0006701840PK3EM at>

Don, G3XTT noted that one of the reasons they had stopped going to GJ and GU
for Multi/Single was due to the lack of packet.

He is absolutely correct that packet is needed even on contest expeditions...
at least in CQWW.  Last October we went to Aruba and came in third (P49T).
We didn't have an efficient multiplier spotting network, while the #1 and
#2 stations did.  As it was, we were reasonably close in QSOs, but were
lacking miserably in multipliers.  So, we should have been within 1 million
points or so of the first two stations rather than the 5 meg we were down.
Still not in the hunt, but at least somewhat more respectable.

It's not because we didn't try to get a network going - we did.  KR0Y and 
N5RZ tried to help us before the contest (they knew we weren't serious
competition for them!) by giving us a copy of some software, our copy of 
which we thought was bad.  We even had a back-up voice spotting arrangement, 
but that quickly fell apart and was almost completely useless.

I made several personal decisions regarding similar contest trips in the
future.  If CQWW, I won't go without tested, networked logging computers and
packet.  If ARRL, I probably won't go without computer logging, while 
packet is, of course, useless.  This applies unless I'm just totally in
vacation mode and don't care about winning.

I guess I was living in the 80s (70s?), thinking that the multiplier spotting
was less than essential and that we could get by logging on paper and keeping
manual multiplier check-offs.  The days of running down to the Caribbean and
putting up a small station and going at it and having a chance at the top
are pretty much over.  M/S (like everything in life) ain't what it used to

73 de Lee
AA4GA at

>From David O. Hachadorian" <0006471356 at  Fri Aug 19 00:35:00 1994
From: David O. Hachadorian" <0006471356 at (David O. Hachadorian)
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 94 18:35 EST
Subject: NAQP SSB Es
Message-ID: <11940818233511/0006471356PK1EM at>

Due to recent good, but unpredictable, Sporadic E openings, I suggest
frequent checking of 10 and 15 meters during this weekend's NAQP. I'll be on
28450/21300 on the hour and half hour from 2100Z to 0400Z this weekend. See
you on six bands.

Dave, K6LL/7, Arizona
k6ll at

>From AGDM25A at ( KEVIN - WA8ZDT)  Fri Aug 19 04:58:02 1994
From: AGDM25A at ( KEVIN - WA8ZDT) ( KEVIN - WA8ZDT)
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 1994 23:58:02 EDT
Subject: WAE REVUE
Message-ID: <013.01132779.AGDM25A at>

Last weekend's WAEDXCW score from K8LX ....

        160M - forget it
         80M - didn't even try
         40M - 16 qso's  "heavy QRN"
         20M - 52 qso's  "bigtime QSB and absorption"
         15M -  0 qso's  "heard KC1XX and KB4GID calling CQ ..."
         10M - nil

hours of operation - Friday night 11P - 12Mid
                     Sat evening   6P - 10PM
                     Sunday       11A -  3PM

Condx were pretty bad.  Even when 20M seemed ok, activity seemed low.
Sometimes only one or two EU signals on the band.  A couple times just
worked EU's calling CQ who weren't even in the contest!

Used the N6TR program for the first time.  Verrry nice.  Its different, but
thanx to the xtensive help menu and prompts the move from CT was
surprisingly easy.  Really liked the "Band mapping" feature.

Highlite of the weekend was watching the WOODSTOCK concert on Steve's
satellite dish.  Every five minutes or so, the cameras would show one of
the topless girls, just for a few seconds, so you had to watch close!

My "Iron-man" award goes to WE6G.  Heard him give our #202 Sunday PM!

>From Field, Don" <field at  Fri Aug 19 10:17:00 1994
From: Field, Don" <field at (Field, Don)
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 94 09:17:00 GMT
Subject: QST Article
Message-ID: <2E5478B2 at>

Gues I should have said, by word of explanation, that the 1950's QST article 
I referred to in my earlier posting was a spoof article (people were just 
beginning to talk about computers around that time), but a very entertaining 
one. The author somehow, possibly without realising it, put his finger on an 
issue that would come to dominate at least the contesting element of amateur 
radio 40 years later! Well worth digging out, if anyone keeps back issues.


>From Patrick Collins <pcollins at>  Fri Aug 19 12:31:23 1994
From: Patrick Collins <pcollins at> (Patrick Collins)
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 1994 07:31:23 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9408190723.A14164-8100000 at>

If anybody needs any additional team members KU8E and I (NZ4K) will be on from
W8FN and WD8LLD respectfully.
CU PAT	NZ4K <pcollins at>

>From Ingemar.Fogelberg at CEC.Comm.SE (Ingemar Fogelberg)  Fri Aug 19 14:35:56 1994
From: Ingemar.Fogelberg at CEC.Comm.SE (Ingemar Fogelberg) (Ingemar Fogelberg)
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 1994 15:35:56 +0200
Subject: No subject
Message-ID: <199408191335.AA08401 at>


>From Kurszewski Chad" <kurszewski_chad at  Fri Aug 19 09:58:28 1994
From: Kurszewski Chad" <kurszewski_chad at (Kurszewski Chad)
Date: 19 Aug 1994 08:58:28 U
Subject: NAQP SSB Weekend
Message-ID: <199408191404.AA07146 at>

Everyone is encouraged to get on and make a few Q's this weekend for the 1994
August North American QSO Party, SSB weekend.
It runs from 18z Saturday to 06z Sunday.  Exchange is Name and State or

While you're on, look for me, WE9V, using my call but operating from KS9K and
my fellow Sultans of Shwing:

73 es hp to cu on 6 bands!
Chad, WE9V  (Now an Illonois FIB but still op'ing from Wisconsin)
Member:  Sultans of Shwing
Kurszewski_Chad at

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